Since Binance Launchpad and Mainnet, nine teammates have joined Harmony — we called them Harmonauts!

We are a team of infrastructure engineers in Silicon Valley, now with 4 PhD’s, 8 ex-Google/Amazon/Apple/Facebook, 2 Harvard MBAs, and Stanford/Berkeley AI graduates. (See the core members at

See our statement of culture and values — look forward to you applying for our open position at

Gizem (🧿 @gizemcakil, medium, linkedin, github) executes product strategy at Harmony. She is also the Mother of Pangaea. Gizem advised executives in healthcare systems, retail banking and telecommunications at McKinsey & Company. Gizem is on break from Harvard Business School to scale global nodes.

Gizem holds a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Koc University in Turkey; during her studies she worked as a teaching assistant of Game Theory courses and machine learning.

John (🎆 @john_a_whitton, medium, linkedin, github) heads up Harmony’s technical partnerships and developer ecosystem design. He has built tokenization platforms on Ethereum and Hyperledger and provided technical strategy on stablecoins, digital securities and liquidity protocols including 0x and uniswap.

John has over 20 years of Silicon Valley experience as a founder, CTO, and enterprise architect. He holds a CS degree from The University of Queensland. John played as a point guard in basketball during college, and still does not hesitate to step back onto the court. But basketball isn’t the only activity he enjoys, if John’s not dribbling on the concrete, he’s riding the slopes in Tahoe.

Nikos (👔 @nickostopoulos, medium, linkedin, github) grows community and international partnerships at Harmony. Nikos built the largest entrepreneurial youth organization in the Balkans and grew the youth liberal movement in Europe. He has researched trust-agnostic economies and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. His academic thesis was among the first papers to argue the need and the method for regulating cryptocurrencies in the European Union.

He is an accredited trainer for EU projects, securing more than EUR$1M for 40 EU-funded projects since 2012. He graduated with degrees in law, civilization, and finance. Nikos enjoys exploring different parts of the world and has been to Singapore, Berlin, Cluj Napoca, Nicosia, Istanbul, and Austria.

Ganesha (🏏 @gupadhyaya, medium, linkedin, github) builds scalable tools for mobile, IOT/cloud, and distributed systems. At Huawei, he developed a language, codegen compiler, and runtime for IoT end-to-end applications, winning a company-wide product excellence award. He published over a dozen papers at top-tier conferences and journals, such as International Conference on Software Engineering, and Object-Oriented Programming Systems, Languages and Applications.

Ganesha holds a Master’s and PhD from Iowa State University and is a recipient of John Vincent Atanasoff award for outstanding research contribution. He enjoys playing professional cricket and cooking delicious vegetarian meals.

Andy (⛷ @bwu2sfu, medium, linkedin, github) is a cloud service engineer working on IoC design, cost optimization, and distributed system stability improvement in Harmony. He led a QA team at a file encryption company serving customers including SpaceX. He delivered and maintained the world’s very first cloud-based (AWS) dental software at Exan.

Andy is an Oracle certified Java Professional and AWS certified developer. He graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Master of Applied Science and MBA. During the summer, you may find him jogging through Vancouver; in the winter he becomes an avid skier at Cypress, Grouse or Whistler.

Edgar (🤓 @edgararout, medium, linkedin, github) previously developed for autonomous vehicles and built ReactNative infrastructure at a YC startup. He lives to learn and since going to 2600 meetings as a young teenager, blockchain is a cyberpunk dream come true for him.

He earned a Philosophy degree from the University of Northern Florida. He took significant coursework in Computer Science, and earned his Masters of Economic Policy at Columbia University. He is on his 5th motorcycle, and is a Moto Guzzi fan for life.

Robin (👨‍🎤 @dirschmidt, medium, linkedin) is an award-winning filmmaker. He is Harmony’s Creative Director, currently finding new ways of bringing Harmony’s story to the global audience. As a child he sang, played piano and violin. The passion for the audience morphed into a career as a filmmaker. First chasing the world’s elite extreme sports athletes and then into television, commercials and feature films.

As an independent artist the problem is always money. When he discovered blockchain and cryptocurrencies, he suddenly saw a way to solve it. He once played a crypto hacker for a leading global bank. Now he’s hacking crypto’s creative cortex. One block at a time.

Dennis (💸 @denni_swon, medium, linkedin, github) is a core protocol developer at Harmony. Previously, he led light-field 3d graphics and computer vision tech at Leia and developed VR video streaming at Facebook BR. Dennis authored Facebook’s open source project 360 Capture SDK.

Dennis earned a CS degree from Stanford, where he pursued artificial intelligence under Professor Andrew Ng. Dennis is one of the top 6 winners of the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) and a former US Math Olympiads Finalist.

Daniel (🧂 @danielvdmaden, medium, linkedin, github) designed transmission logic and built embedded radio navigation system for a DARPA project. He created chatbots to simulate human responses and is passionate about writing approximation algorithms for NP-hard problems.

Daniel graduated from the University of Berkeley with a degree in computer science and was also an electrical engineering TA. He was on the core teaching staff of Professor John Denaro’s 2,000 student computer science class. Daniel grew up in Congo and Chad and speaks Vietnamese and French. He has also built several cars, including a BMW E46 M3.

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