To begin with, we all at Harmony feel a strong sense of gratitude. We’ve gotten a lot of love and support from the entire community of friends, engineers, partners and investors. This support has helped us stay focused on building a high-throughput and low-latency consensus platform that will enable a decentralized economy.

Catch Stephen Tse, the founder of Harmony, at Harmony’s first public appearance on Wednesday, 8 August 2018. Stephen will be hosted for a fireside chat led by Zi Wang (ex-Android Creative Director). For a year and a half, Stephen and Zi have been hosting a weekly gathering of ex-Google entrepreneurs interested in China, blockchain, and machine learning.

Over the past few months, we’ve chosen to stay in stealth mode to focus on implementation and achieving our key milestones. We recently shared our progress through our first community update. This progress gives our entire team a lot of energy and confidence in what we’re set out to achieve.

We know the importance of sharing our founding story with the wider community. At this event, the Harmony team would love to share who we are, what we’re building, and why.

We’re also excited to share our voice on topics that are important to us and the entire ecosystem — how do we think of Harmony and the world in 5 and 20 years from now; how do we think about building the brightest team that will help us deliver what we promise. Yes, we’re hiring too!

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