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This week, Harmony has been selected for the 9th Huobi Fast Track Listing, launched the first DAO focused on flourishing the Harmony Ecosystem, created the $ONE BEP2 to $ONE ERC20 Bridge — a gateway to provide liquidity to smaller exchanges, made a splash in DEVCON & Japan Blockchain Week, and released Harmony Puzzle on Mainnet!


  • Harmony’s CTO, Rongjian Lan shared an update about the latest progress of Mainnet Phase 2.0 and the native $ONE token swap status! You can check here the latest status of our token swap!
  • Finished the basic staking rpcs including validator creation and delegation
  • is updated with new functions.

* -v : print version of

* -V : print version of harmony binary

* -d : re-download the binary

* -P : enable public RPC endpoint

* -b : download database snapshot

— -

curl -LO

  • Released another another rolling update of Harmony mainnet. The released version is: v4811-v1–20191008.0–0-gd34bc426. You can learn more info about the latest release here!
  • Our Co-Founder Minh Doan has used his own foundational nodes tokens to fund an account in four different shards as stated in this transaction. Real use-case for cross shard :)

Marketing, Community & Events

  • We have kicked off Japan Blockchain Week with Unblock Tokyo — featuring more than 40 leading blockchain projects. Our own engineer John Whitton has delivered a presentation on “Bring Blockchain Research to production for Billions”
  • #DEVCON5 is happening! It’s our favourite time of the year, meeting with hackers & makers who #BUIDL real products & flourishing the decentralized economy- far away from the shiny lights of the cryptocurrency industry! Our engineer John Whitton and Pangaea Product Manager Gizem Çakıl are participating and networking with the Ethereum blockchain pioneers.
  • We had a great turnout ⁦at “Building The New Web” in Osaka, presenting our initiatives towards #BUIDLing the foundations for truly decentralized economies!

Business and Ecosystem

  • Huobi has selected Harmony to take part in FastTrack Phase 9 — a community incentive that pits #HarmonyONE against another project, and lets Huobi users decide which ONE will be listed first. Check here how you can get involved!

ONE goes head-to-head in FastTrack Phase 9

  • Only within the first few hours Harmony DAO Maker attracts 210 participants who stake more than 10M $ONE worth approximately $50.000. At the time of writing this number is 20M $ONE tokens, almost doubled within a week!
  • #HarmonyPuzzle is now launched on our Mainnet! Transactions are distributed randomly in ONE of the four shards which make our infrastructure scalable for blockchain games.

Test it out before the contract will run out fees to store your move sequence:

  • We have released Harmony Bridge, a gateway to swap $ONE BEP2 tokens to ERC20!

This bridge allows exchanges that currently don’t support BinanceChain to integrate Harmony $ONE among their trading pairs and provide better liquidity for our ecosystem token. Learn how it works here!

How to Swap BEP2 ONE to ERC20 ONE

To learn more about Harmony’s latest developments visit: