Foundational Nodes & Pangaeans,

We have enabled token transfer on Harmony Mainnet and announce Token Transfer Competition. Currently we have transfer on the same shard. We’d like to work with our early supporters (you all!) to fully test this feature.

For this week, we will choose top performers (winners — are participants with the most amount transferred) and we give a full package of Harmony t-shirts, hoodies, hats to the top 5 performers daily (top 4 get a t-shirt and top number 1 gets an entire swag pack).

Time period: Ends Thursday Sep 12 at 11:59pm PDT, winners announced Friday Sep 13.


As soon as you accomplish your first transaction, don’t hesitate to spread the World about the enabling token transfer on Harmony Mainnet and make a tweet with your THash. This is not mandatory, but remember awareness = adoption! Harmony for One and for All!

IMPORTANT: for Pangaeans, you cannot send tokens from Pangaea to Mainnet and vice versa. But each Pangaean’s wallet address is also your wallet address on Mainnet. We will first have to drop a small amount of Mainnet tokens for you to try this with. To do this, contact Ben Fong | Harmony.

For technical questions, ask Ben Fong | Harmony#5786 on Harmony Discord or @benjifong on Harmony Community on Telegram

How to participate:

  1. Find a friend to do this with or create two accounts (for owners of two nodes).
  2. For Pangaeans ONLY! Submit registration form
  3. Submit every Transaction Hash to the form

All you need to know is clearly explained in Token transfers on mainnet guide.

Thank you!