I have been involved in the creation of the Harmony DAO and running the Harmony Social Mining (HSM) program for more than 6 weeks now. I got a lot of feedback, on effective ways to make HSM better and even more community-centric, bringing considerable value to the project.

To date, many things to improve the activities and participation have been executed. Almost every week, the Harmony and DAO Maker teams have collaborated with the community to materialize the success of the Harmony DAO.

At initiation, I had made a mistake. I was wrong with the vision on what kind of strategy would be the best for Harmony Social Mining. But mistakes are the greatest teacher.But there’s no value without making mistakes and getting wrong. Now I clearly know what will lead Harmony Social Mining from the wrong understanding of the basics to the value for Harmony.

Let me break down the simple but very important principles and concepts of Social Mining before I suggest you to join the Harmony DAO.

What is Social Mining?

Social Mining is the idea that users that help build an open-source cryptocurrency ecosystem should be paid in its native currency. It is essentially a plug-in solution for any blockchain to help it to become a decentralized autonomous organization that empowers the community to take the project to new heights.

Social mining allows any user to upload and describe the work that they have done for the ecosystem, which is then validated by other community members who are incentivized to do so.

Both workers and validators are then rewarded in points, influence, and reputation, which is then translated into tokens at the end of the month. These rewards can vary from a few cents to a few thousand dollars, enabling very active members a full salary.

(Disclaimer: Exact payouts depends on many different factors and may vary a lot from project to project, depending on how much tokens are being allocated to Social Mining).

The Harmony DAO

Social Mining is a program for the Harmony’s stakeholders and hodlers, for the supporters who truly believe in Harmony’s ability to be a leader in the decentralized world. It allows users to not ask when moon, but instead make moon.

Social Mining pays stakeholders for producing value for Harmony with different types of content, networking and communications, sharing their own experience of cooperation with Harmony or any other activity, which will be seen and evaluated by the Harmony Decentralized Autonomous Organization members.

You can even unite and work in teams. Joining Social Mining as a Worker allows anyone to build his/her personal brand, which will be known among the Harmony supporters and beyond.

The 2nd way to earn in the Harmony DAO is to be a Validator. This is a very important position. Joining Social Mining as a Validator opens a lot of power before you. Right away your noncustodial BEP-2 or ERC-20 wallet is added to the Social Mining Platform and your $ONE token balance is scanned by the system, allowing you an opportunity to VOTE.

This vote grants you godlike power in the Harmony DAO. The Harmony token becomes the mjolnir of your new Thor status.

Your votes are not simply “likes.” Your vote is the validation of the work, effort, and payment of the army of Social Miners about any. With your vote, you direct the direction of the DAO, the recognition of the best Miners, the punishment of abusers, and the path to Harmony’s success.

I thought a lot of who are the most devoted Harmony supporters and therefore the ones most deserving of this power.Of course who other then the core of this project:the Foundational Nodes Runners.

Harmony Nodes and Harmony Validators, you have already felicitously supported the first PoS Sharding based Blockchain Mainnet. Now is your opportunity to become the leaders of the Harmony DAO and execute your ONE-enabled power over Social Miners.

Join Harmony Social Mining now and take advantage of the power and payments your token has granted to you.Lead Harmony’s decentralized growth, enjoy ruling over a DAO, and get paid for it!
Here is the link for registration: https://community.harmony.one/, and a simple guide, created by one of the program participants, “Starting Social Mining with community.harmony.one” that will help you in early joining stages. — https://community.harmony.one/cboard/activity/2512-starting-social-mining-with-communityharmonyone/

A few FN operators have already become powerful members of HSM. Join them!

Now, I, Mr_vavilon and Dave are coming up with a setup of a Social Node in Russian Social Shard. We started with the registration on HSM Dashboard and adding of our $ONE wallets.

Node operators, see you on Harmony Social Mining!
Social Nodes community on Telegram or on Discord.
Social Mining Wiki — read here.