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Harmony Social Chain Growth Phase— Onboarding of Social Validators!

Started from the Harmony Social Chain DayOne on Saturday, November 23 the onboarding phase is live. There are a lot of different spots for Social Validators:…


Harmony Social Validation Chain — Day One. (HSM concept update).

Building a successful social campaign in the modern experienced blockchain community is a really big deal for any project or startup. Though Harmony is not an…


The biggest mistake NickVasilich has ever done for Harmony

I have been involved in the creation of the Harmony DAO and running the Harmony Social Mining (HSM) program for more than 6 weeks now. I…

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Harmony Social Mining Talks — Episode 2: Team competition

We are happy that things around HSM are evolving. There are two big options for the Harmony Social Mining Talks today. The first one is the…


Harmony — All you need to know before the first DAO platform payout

Hello community, We are very glad that more and more community members are joining our SM platform. With the payout coming up in the near future,…