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Update #2 on wallet exploit incident

We are sharing another update on the November 18th exploit. Refer to the initial incident post here. Summary Blockchain & cybersecurity firm PeckShield is conducting the…


Update on the November 18th Exploit

This post is an update to Stephen’s tweet on November 18th about reports of lost funds. In this post, we will share what we know…


Harmony’s Internal Security Analysis Report

Harmony is a sharded Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain [1,2,3,4] with Fast Byzantine Fault Tolerance (FBFT) consensus protocol [5]. The FBFT protocol has Blockwise-Byzantine Agreement…


Security Audit Report on Token Transfer and Smart Contracts

As we prepare to launch the native ONE token through the token swap process, the security of token transfers and smart contract functionalities of the Harmony…


Will You Get Phishing Emails From

Ever since we got listed and launched our mainnet, we have been seeing more and more ladies and gentlemen pretending to be Harmony staff and trying…