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Interoperability with On-Chain Bridges and Wallets

[This is an extended transcript of Harmony’s talks at Ethereal Summit and at ex-Googler TGI in Q2 2021.] Hello, everyone. My name is Stephen, the…


Harmony as Interoperable Layer-2 for Ethereum

TL;DRHarmony as a Layer 2 solution has a comparable (if not better) proposition for Ethereum applications when compared to Optimistic and ZK rollupsOptimistic rollups have…


Harmony’s 2021 on Cross-Chain Finance

In 2021 Harmony strives to be a top blockchain for cross-chain finance. Our main themes are: Adoption — We are bringing utility to users through developers and…


Harmony 2020 Year in Review & Ecosystem Growth

Harmony ONEs! While 2020 was a year of new changes for all of us, the Harmony team focused on delivering a strong foundation for our network…