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Harmony’s Strategy and Architecture

Harmony in 2021 will focus on adoption through developers and partners. We will continue to strengthen our network features, to lead industry in our cross-chain architecture,…


Harmony’s Vision on Cross-Chain & Cross-Exchange Pools

Harmony ONEs, We are writing to seek feedback on our roadmap on cross-chain and cross-exchange initiatives. In short, we are building trustless bridges to Bitcoin, Ethereum…


印尼盾稳定币 — Harmony即将添加首个非美元稳定币Rupiah Token

继币安美元稳定币(BUSD)之后,Harmony即将推出经过完全审计,法币支持的印尼盾稳定币(Rupiah Token)。 印尼盾稳定币Rupiah Token在Harmony上线将会推动跨境支付的实时结算。 我们最近与币安合作推出了美元稳定币BUSD,并且正在构筑自己的金融科技生态系统以推动美国-印度汇款走廊的建设。 推出(法币支持的)印尼盾稳定币立足于我们的跨境支付策略,金融科技和汇款公司将会在跨境转账时使用它们— 这些稳定币完全合规,并由数字货币交易所和合作伙伴提供法币通道。 稳定币建立在及时结算,扩展性极强的区块链平台,对于实现便捷迅速的跨境转账来说至关重要,尤其是东南亚的B2B和电子商务交易而言。 📢 Delighted to announce the launch…


Harmony expands to India, Bolsters the growth of DeFi in the rapidly growing FinTech sector

Empowering emerging economies across the globe has always been the crux of what we do at Harmony Protocol, and with this new and exciting partnership with…


Harmony enables accessible, low-cost credit with $ONE listing on Constant

This week, Harmony is breaking down credit barriers for ONE token-holders by listing $ONE- our native cryptocurrency on Constant, a P2P lending platform. By using Constant…