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Harmony Foundation’s Service Externalization Plan

Decentralization and externalization is the only way to have the blockchain long-lived with the support of the community. As a layer1 blockchain, to facilitate the user…

User Experience

2 Seconds Block Finality on Harmony Mainnet

In the age of digital business and fast-paced economy, online applications need to provide users with the best experience to retain them. One important aspect is…


Hack the Horizon: Project Wishlist

TL;DR * We announced an exciting hackathon 👉 Go here to register for it [] 👈 * This article describes our “wish list” of applications we’…


Block Syncing in 1.36s with Harmony’s Adaptive IDA Protocol

The results from our first networking benchmark are out! Eugene and Chao, two of our Amazon veterans turned Harmony networking specialists, have delivered a core component…