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Harmony Foundation’s Service Externalization Plan

Decentralization and externalization is the only way to have the blockchain long-lived with the support of the community. As a layer1 blockchain, to facilitate the user…

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Harmony Social Mining Talks — Episode 2: Team competition

We are happy that things around HSM are evolving. There are two big options for the Harmony Social Mining Talks today. The first one is the…


Harmony — All you need to know before the first DAO platform payout

Hello community, We are very glad that more and more community members are joining our SM platform. With the payout coming up in the near future,…


Harmony DAO Maker: Get started!

As announced earlier, we are excited to introduce the first DAO aiming to flourish the Harmony ecosystem. If you have missed our initial announcement, or you…


Introducing $1M Tech Bounty & Harmony Token Model, March Update

Dear investors and friends, We launched Harmony Testnet 2.0! Since our last newsletter, we have: Launched $1M Tech Bounty for Harmony-Ethereum Bridge and ops toolingSimulated…


Announcing $1 Million Technical Bounty

We recently completed and paid out our first few technical bounties on Gitcoin. What started as an experiment, has now become an inspiration to engage developers…