Harmony’s ecosystem is growing incredibly fast & lots of exciting things are happening. One of the first Dapps which has migrated in our network — Lympo has partnered with Samsung to launch Healthy Habits Month!

As announced earlier, Harmony and Lympo have formed a partnership to enable fast and secure health data sharing. With the Lympo app running on Harmony’s blockchain, a large-scale consumer to business data-sharing marketplace will be demonstrated as wholly viable.

Harmony and Lympo Partner to Provide Scalable and Secure Sharing of Health Data



Lympo & Samsung Health, world’s leading fitness app, started an initiative for building healthy habits in the U.S. During the Healthy Habits Month, active participants will receive rewards for daily health actions ranging from walking and running, to a healthy diet, sleep rhythm and exercising tracked by Samsung gear. The rewards can later be spent on the Lympo app shop to buy gift cards, sports clothes and more.

Healthy Habits Month is designed to help participants to slowly get used to daily wellbeing tasks in a fun and gamified way, and become more aware of their health status data in general. Based on its user data, Lympo promises that in less than 4 weeks the participants will increase their physical activity by at least 50%, sleep 30min more on average, drink more water and earn valuable rewards.

Lympo is already making the world healthier by incentivizing its users for completing walking and running challenges. More than 300.000 users have already joined easy challenges and got rewarded for that. Lympo has gained huge traction this year in the United States and South Korea. Lympo users completed over 7M healthy lifestyle challenges and walked 16 million miles which is more than 600 times around the earth. The company also launched a successful corporate wellness solution for employee wellbeing this month.

Earlier this year, Lympo has been listed on the Samsung Blockchain Wallet added to the Samsung decentralized app (Dapp) store. This enabled Lympo users can transfer their rewards earned by exercise on the app to their Samsung Blockchain Wallet. Lympo also became Galaxy Note 10 launch partner in South Korea displayed at Galaxy Studio pop up stores in the whole country. More than 10 million users have visited Galaxy Studios over a span of 8 weeks in South Korea.

Go download the app here: https://lympo.com/samsung-health

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