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What is Ript?

Ript is a decentralized dApp warehouse in short. We build and support all our own decentralized applications, in the future to be dozens, unlike other decentralized applications all of applications are 100% decentralized. This means we don’t store any data about you and all database control is done securely inside of all of the smart contracts. This was our vision and was not realistic on the Ethereum network due to high gas fees, which is why Harmony was such an ideal candidate.

Instantly create an HRC-20 Token using Ript.io

Tell us about yourself and your team

Our team is just me, I’m a husband and father first and foremost, my wife and just had our first child 3 months ago today! I’m a DevOps Engineer for a Fortune 500 company and also work as Junior Developer at a startup out of Chicago called Stacked (@stackedcrypto on Twitter), an automated trading marketplace for crypto and run my own development company, Otis Development, which I do freelance development work through. I have about 15 years experience in infrastructure and software development, 8 of that professional. I’ve been in crypto since late 2016 and started out building a GPU mining rig and then got involved developing wallets, mining dashboards, etc for Bitcoin Private and did some blockchain work for them as well.

Afterward, I progressed into building dApps on Ethereum and found what I wanted to accomplish was too costly to my end users so I’ve now started to build all of my dApps on Harmony.

What is “The Contractor” and who is it built for?

“The Contractor” is everyone. With Harmony in its infancy, it may not be the easiest to interact with smart contracts, tokens, etc. This is where “The Contractor” comes in.

It is a tool developed for you to paste your contract address and contract ABI (Application Binary Interface) into an easy to use tool, which then populates a dropdown with all of the functions the contract contains. For example, a token contract has a “Transfer” function, this is how all tokens are moved from one address to another. The Contractor gives you the ability to easily use that transfer function by entering in a destination address and amount then simply click “Execute”. The tool isn’t flashy, but it gets the job done. It also allows contract owners to interact with their contracts instead of using Truffle or external tools. The Contractor will come preloaded with well-known ABI’s such as, bUSD or Ript’s Token Creator, making it extremely easy to send and interact with those token platforms.

What dApps do you see gaining the most adoption and how do you position Ript to capture that market on Harmony?

My philosophy for Ript to capture the market on Harmony is to create 100% decentralized applications, no hybrid models, databases, 100% anonymous. The applications I see gaining the most traction at first are the utility tools, like our wallet, token creator, and of course, The Contractor. These tools make it easy for a normal user to interact with the blockchain while other more advanced tools are being developed.

However, in terms of longevity, I believe the P2P loans, decentralized instant credit lines and what I call, “The Pitch” will be our most used tools. P2P loans is my idea of a “loan orderbook”, where lenders and lendees can place an order to provide a loan or to receive a loan. When you place an order, whether a lender or lendee, you get to choose your own terms, if someone agrees to match you then the lender will receive interest and the lendee will receive a loan payout. Instant Credit Line is essentially the same thing, but less granular, you’re connected to a money market instead of an individual where the interest rates are most likely higher for lendees and lower for lenders but a more simple process. “The Pitch” is a way to directly connect social media influencers to advertisers by tweeting, promoting videos, etc inside of their content, once terms are agreed upon and the influencer follows through then the tokens are released. Again, creating decentralized markets where there previously haven’t been.

There are many other Layer 1 chains out there. Why partner with Harmony for all of your dApps?

That’s correct, there are a lot of L1 chains and some that tout some very similar metrics as Harmony. However, when it came down to it, it was the team. In an environment, such as crypto, of shillers and snake oil salesmen, the Harmony team stood out by far above the rest by sheer authenticity and humbleness, Nick White specifically projects those qualities and what drew me to the project. Harmony also exudes the hardworking, head down, get shit done type of approach and attitude that I like to believe I have as well, all-in-all it was a perfect match.

If you weren’t in blockchain, what would you be doing instead?

Having a lot more time ;) I actually probably would just be developing my business here in my town, developing apps and websites for other individuals.

Where can others find more information about Ript?

You can follow @TheRealRipt on Twitter for updates to the site or you can find me in any of the Harmony telegram channels and/or Discord.

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Developers can build on Harmony today, a fast and open blockchain for decentralized applications, suited to handle Defi and Cross-border finance applications. The Harmony mainnet supports state sharding with instant finality. Our staking mechanism reduces centralization while supporting delegation and slashing. We ❤️ Developers.

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