Today we announce 3 winners of Computing Power Compensation for running a Validator on Harmony Mainnet.
They are:
Roman — Telegram user name — @sna4okz;

Drew Kelly — Telegram user name — @Drewkellycryptocurrency;

Misha — Telegram user name — @misek;

How to claim your reward?

First of all you should join Open Staking from the launch date and spin up your node on Harmony Mainnet. Then create a validator by following Harmony technical documentation here —

After that you should report your validator’s name, one public key and type of cloud compute instance in use to NickVasilich.

Qualified cloud instances are AWS VPS (t3.small Instance) or Vultr Cloud Compute (80 Gb SSD, 2 CPU, 4096MB, Memory 3000 GB Bandwidth) only!

For the next 3 months since Open Staking Launch on Mainnet Harmony team will compensate you cloud instance expenditures in the end of each month in accordance with your billing information.

If your node is not up and running for more than 10 days in a month you won’t get any compensation for cloud instance accordingly.