Pangaea delegators campaign is launching today, 30 April 2020 at 8:00 PM PDT

We launched Pangaea 8 months ago to educate and reward our community for running Harmony nodes. Today we are proud to announce the incentivized delegator campaign for thousands to start staking in Pangaea and earn mainnet ONE tokens.

You don’t need to setup and run a validator for this campaign (yay!).

The delegator campaign will run for 5 days, starting on 30 April 2020 at 8:00 PM PDT. The sooner the join the network, the more rewards you will collect.

How to participate:

  • Sign-up on this form with a Binance ID and a Harmony address (only the Binance accounts with KYC level-2 will be eligible for campaign rewards)
  • Receive your test ONE tokens to start playing (Each delegator account will receive ~1.3 million test tokens to start playing)
  • Go to Harmony staking dashboard, select your validators and start earning

Goals of Pangaea delegators campaign:

  1. Engage thousands of community members to test Harmony’s staking and economic design
  2. Educate users about the main concepts in our staking model — Rewards model, Effective Median Stake, Validator performance metrics.
  3. Use Wallets & Staking Dashboard to Delegate tokens to validators on our open-staking testnet.
  4. Reward the community members based on additional achievements besides staking rewards: #total delegation rewards earned, #total unique delegations, #wallets used etc.


  • Participants will earn rewards by delegating during the 5-day period and accumulate test ONE tokens. 100% of the earned staking rewards during this period will be rewarded as mainnet ONE tokens.
  • Total prize pool of this campaign will be 4 million ONE
  • There will be additional bonus rewards for daily surprise challenges
  • Campaign may be subject to timeline extensions

Getting started: