[ Update: Due to exceeding participation, the campaign will be extended by another week to May 8, 2020. Block rewards conversion will stop approximately 10 AM Pacific Time (epoch 197).]

Dear Harmony community,

Since its inception, Harmony’s experimental network “Pangaea” has engaged thousands of people around the world to join our blockchain network and test the limits of our technology.

Today, after fully testing our Pangaea testnet in phases 0, 1, and 2, we are transitioning to phase 3, the final phase before launching open staking on mainnet.

All of you have been committed in providing feedback and contributed to making our protocol a success.

As promised, it’s time to reward the community, especially those who have been with us since the early days. To consolidate all the initiatives during Phase 3, we have decided to end the Musketeers campaign and make the reward process simple and inclusive.

Today’s update supersedes previous announcements.

Here are the incentives for P3:

P3 Incentivized period: April 29th -May 8th (10:00 AM PDT)
We will be sharing constant updates on timelines in our Pangaea Testing Telegram group.

Reward Distribution: Participants are required to complete the *KYC process in order to claim rewards. Rewards will be distributed after open staking launch on mainnet within a 2 week period upon completing KYC. May 31st is the deadline to complete the KYC process.

USA citizens will receive the equivalent value of $ONE earned in stablecoin ($USDC)

Reward Tracking: We are tracking the rewards to calculate “Total Balance” on the Staking Dashboard & saving that information at the end of every epoch. Additionally, also tracking lifetime rewards per key per validator, so rewards are accounted for even through network refreshes during the incentivized period.

⚒️ For Validators:

Setup a node or continue maintaining an existing one, and you will receive 100% of the block rewards earned as a validator during the incentivized period. This tesnet reward will be converted into mainnet $ONE tokens and is subject to *1 node per user after completing the KYC process.

For existing validators who joined prior to P3: your ONE address has already been funded and you may use those tokens to run your validator.

For new validators joining for the first time in P3: create your validator and fill out this form to receive testnet tokens from the Harmony Team.

*Complete KYC process at Harmony P3 KYC page. Feel free to ask NickV on telegram for KYC support.

*Each participant will only be rewarded for their earnings from 1 node/1 bls-key per person. If you create multiple nodes, you will still only be rewarded block rewards earned from 1 node. The KYC process will ensure this rule is followed.

**Every validator (incl. AutoNode) will receive 9,267,241 tokens and Ankr nodes will receive 2,000,000 test tokens as the starting balance

**Validators can only use your tokens to stake in your validator. EDIT: validators can use their tokens for delegation and earn rewards; there is no restriction.

🏛️ For Delegators:

Join Pangaea delegators to start earning while learning about Harmony’s staking model, wallets and staking dashboard. This campaign uses Binance ID (KYC level-2) to distribute rewards. Validators can also sign up on this campaign separately.

  • Each delegator will receive 1,304,741 test tokens as the starting balance

The latest available terms:

  1. Validators who can’t be elected now, can choose to do a delegation instead using their validator token.
  2. For all Validators, the faucet doesn’t works anymore and you can’t ask for funds/tokens if you haven’t submitted the FORM from article.
  3. Only 1 node / 1bls key is allowed per validator and 2 bls keys allowed for partners.
  4. We have decided not to impose any maximum fees, but if we discover cases such as not normal activity. People who received from any other than harmony, and delegated to their nodes, we will not REWARD THIS VALIDATORS
  5. For rewards distribution KYC Tier 2 verification is mandatory. $ONE address, submitted on KYC form, can be your own wallet $ONE address where you want to receive the converted rewards. For KYC follow the steps from this link: https://www.westart.co/project/harmony_p3_KYC

More KYC FAQ here : https://t.me/volunteerannouncementsostn/75

🤖 Validators and Delegators, feel free to use during this P3 event Sheznet bot that now feature updates https://t.me/volunteerannouncementsostn/76

👺 For Hackers: Stake Heist

After several rounds of extensive testing with our close community, we are ready to invite hackers to Harmony’s Open Staking testnet.

There are two categories of bounties in Stake Heist:

Exploits: These bounties help us identify vulnerabilities in our design and code. These are open ended and usually include attack vectors and exploits.

Projects: These bounties are projects that are useful for validators and delegators to use for staking.

For more information, please visit our Gitcoin hackathon page.

Similarly, we are about to release our Security Challenge with Hackerone.

The total rewards of the Gitcoin and HackerONE security platforms, exceed $65,000. Let’s get hacking!

-Harmony Team