Dear Pangaeans,

Thank you for your great contribution to our testing efforts towards open staking launch. P3 incentivized campaigns for both validators and delegators ended as of today. You will receive 100% of your earned rewards as mainnet ONE tokens (some exceptions will apply for malicious accounts, which will be contacted separately).

Here are the next steps for everyone:

Validators: Complete KYC on [Westart] if you haven’t done so already. We will distribute your rewards within two weeks after you complete KYC. You can stop your nodes as you will not be rewarded after this point.

Delegators: Just wait for your rewards to appear in your Binance account in the next 2 weeks. Please make sure that you have provided a KYC level-2 Binance ID when signing up, otherwise, no rewards will be paid out. Delegators can review their total rewards in this link.

As a final note: We all learned incredible and interesting lessons from this initiative. We have also observed malicious behavior from some participants and they affected the performance of the honest participants. We will try our best to offset the damage in reward distribution.

Harmony Team