Since our February milestones, we improved our staking capacity by 10x, completed a new staking-centered website, and created Stake Heist on Pangaea with 10M ONE tokens for hacking our P-2 testnet.

Here are our milestones for March:

But first. Can you hack us? See the end of this post for more details.


  • Staking logic is now scalable to 1000+ validators and 100k delegations — this allows us to handle large staking volume as we scale
  • Multi-BLS key support has been shipped on mainnet — this reduces our node infrastructure cost by 60%
  • Voting power computation and BLS key serialization has been optimized to avoid CPU and memory bottleneck
Golang profiling to reveal bottlenecks in the code base.


  • New website design completed— our refreshed website highlights the two most important things to us: easy access to staking and the real people behind Harmony.
  • New staking explorer features implemented — we continue to update our staking explorer to provide an intuitive staking experience for both delegators and validators. Among other changes a new “global view” section and annual return rates (APR) have been added to display critical network level stats.
  • Validator Spotlights — From Vikings to kings and South Africa to Italy we are extraordinarily proud of our validator community! We are extremely appreciative for the continued support of over 120 node operators on our testnet, the P-Ops team and our foundational nodes. Thank you again @Bigcryptoking, @staking4all, @Corbu_Valentin, @LtcYeti and Marco G for sharing your passion and being on this journey with us!

What’s Next?

Stake Heist: a game to exploit bugs in Harmony network and earn 10 million ONE in rewards.

Take a look inside our blockchain and be as malicious as possible.

  • Discover flaws in our block reward mechanism
  • Double sign and try to bypass our slashing
  • See if you can outbid others by manipulating our EPOS bidding system

Click here for a glimpse of what the contest will look like. Stay tuned for more info!

Staking Timeline

A lot has happened in the last month, so here’s how our staking roadmap looks now. We’ve finished the first 2 phases of testing on P-0 and P-1 and we’re currently getting ready to launch the third phase of testing with P-2.

P-2 will focus on Stake Heist where we encourage hackers to break the network and we make sure the economics work as intended. P-3 will be our last testing phase in which we open up to the public. A significant portion of block rewards earned in P-3 will be converted to real mainnet tokens upon launch.

How Do I Get Involved?

Start testing Harmony staking as a validator. We are providing 1:1 setup service in this group All you have to do is join, we’ll walk you through the rest!

Stephen Tse
Harmony CEO

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How cheap is it to send transactions on Harmony?

Using 1 ONE, we were able to send about 993 transactions. So each transaction costs just $0.000002.

To quote the words of Brian Armstrong “What will happen when the cost of a payment falls to SMS levels? What about free? What will happen when all payments are inherently global?”