At Harmony, we recently raised a $18M seed round. As an early team, we hire for exceptional talent rather than for specific roles. Below is a sample of our 2018 roadmap to yearn for. (Here are our interview questions on culture and values: empathy, passion, and excellence).

Yearn for the Vast and Endless Sea

3 systems engineers

2 blockchain researchers

2 community strategists / evangelists

1 corporate development / general fund partner

  • Raise / manage a new $?M fund for our application ecosystem
  • 3 exchange partners, 10 marketing partners across 5 regions, market maker
  • $?M initial private sale and $?M final sale with auction on lockup period

1 project manager / market research

1 hiring manager: Hire 20 engineers and 5 marketing / operations

1 office manager: Organize 2 investment / promotion tours for 4 people to 5 cities

Apply to Stephen Tse <> or our Lever page. Our office is near Apple headquarters in Cupertino.