Harmony ONE tokens are now supported on the Incognito Wallet. This will enable users to hold, send and receive their tokens in complete privacy, thanks to a bridge built between the Ethereum and Incognito’s sidechain.

The solution is currently supporting our ERC20 $ONE token- while Incognito team will integrate Harmony Chain in the near future — extending support for tokens issued on Harmony.

Regarding this development, Incognito’s Duy Huynh said:

As a project that also values decentralization highly, we see a lot of ourselves in Harmony. Their pursuit to solve the scalability issue without compromising the principles of decentralization is a future-facing initiative and we always admire innovation.

We’re both seeking to effect positive changes on the crypto sphere, so we’re delighted to support Harmony’s ONE token and give their users the ability to store, send and receive tokens privately.”

In order to make transactions private, ONE holders just need to send their tokens to the Incognito Wallet, where they will get Private ONE, known as pONE. All tokens are set at an exchange ratio of 1:1 and can be swapped back anytime.

For a more detailed walk-through of how to do this, click here.

How to send ONE privately with the Incognito Wallet


pONE Giveaway

Incognito is excited to give the Harmony community their first pONEs for free.

To claim 200 pONEs just click here to join the giveaway.

While using pONE, users will be able to make completely confidential transactions. Senders, receivers and amounts will be completely obscured thanks to zero-knowledge proofs, and will no longer appear on public block explorers.

This offer extends to the first 200 participants. An announcement will be made on the Incognito Twitter account when the giveaway is closed.

Download the wallet: iOS | Android

Learn more: https://incognito.org/

Contact the team: https://t.me/incognitochain

About Incognito

Incognito is a platform for privacy tokens, powered by its own proof-of-stake sidechain that attaches to any blockchain to confidentially transfer crypto assets. Developers can also easily create their own privacy tokens on Incognito.

Incognito utilizes zero-knowledge proofs optimized for mobile and achieves near-instant transaction speeds through state sharding.

About Harmony

Harmony is a fast and secure proof-of-stake blockchain that is working to push the existing boundaries when it comes to scalability, but unlike others, it wants to do so without sacrificing decentralization.

Harmony offers the ONE token, which is available on the ERC20 & BEP2, as a means of funding their system, so they can research and develop their tech while perpetuating a healthy crypto community.