Since our January milestones, we have swapped 4.4B ONEs (91%) to native tokens. We are launching our open staking testnet with 100 external validators in preparation for open staking on mainnet.

Here are our milestones for February:

Harmony is fast, but did you know just how fast? Watch this video to see for yourself.


  • We achieved 98% reduction in state storage requirement (100+ GB to 1.5GB) by implementing state pruning. This dramatically reduces the storage cost for running a node for our validators.
  • Slashing is complete. This punishes nodes if they double-sign a block or reduces their voting power if they are not online. Penalties are just as critical to the security of the network as rewards.
  • 15+ network upgrades on open staking testnet were launched to test features. We added staking, reward and commission history, and portfolio display to our staking explorer.


  • 4.4B ONE tokens were swapped to our mainnet via Bitmax, Binance and Kucoin, with Gate and Huobi token swaps coming. This is a critical step as native ONE tokens are required in open staking.
  • 15 new staking partners have joined our upcoming launch. These include top validators from the Cosmos and Tezos ecosystems including,, Infstones, Wetez, Sesameseed, and Everstake.
  • Our staking explorer is in active UX testing and we are developing new features such as multi-stake selection to facilitate decentralization of stake.
  • We finished 2 key integrations. Harmony is now featured on Staking Rewards with a rewards calculator and the Harmony Ledger app can be installed on any Ledger device via Ledger Live for staking.
  • We continued to build our fintech community in India, built Charity DAO at EthDenver, and dove deep with researchers at Stanford Blockchain Conference 2020.

A successful staking launch takes much more than just a team, it takes an entire community. If you’re interested in staking with Harmony and becoming a Harmonaut, please fill out this survey and we’ll get in touch with you ahead of the launch.

For weekly milestones, check out our team tweets: Feb 7 , Feb 14, Feb 21 & Feb 28.

Stephen Tse
Harmony CEO

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