We are delighted to announce that we have partnered with Morpheus Labs, a Blockchain Platform-as-a-Service (BPaaS) and App Marketplace which enables organisations and developers to rapidly design, deploy and operate distributed ledgers at a fraction of the current cost and time — while achieving security and high scalability support through Harmony’s infrastructure.

The benefits and value of this partnership are two-sided as Morpheus Labs needs scalable and secure layer 1 for people to build on. If you as a developer build a game or other dapp on ethereum with Morpheus Labs toolings, you will run into the scalability and cost issue, as already seen with several ethereum based dapps.

When instead developing upon Harmony Protocol with Morpheus Labs tooling, you will not have scalability issues or high cost, making it more attractive to use their rapid tooling.

Secondary Harmony wants to further start targeting the non-blockchain developers, who however want to use the technology. This mass segment of developers, with less experience on blockchain development, need tools with a low learning curve and low barrier to deployment. Having Morpheus integrate with us, we can increase our reach and userbase with their rapid prototyping kit. In addition, this means harmony can offer diversity in tools, save cost, and time instead of having to develop this ourself for the market.

Morpheus Labs is expected to simplify the workflow from business clients to adopt blockchain and build on Harmony’s Blockchain infrastructure by offering a wide range of interoperable dApp solutions. At the same time, developers building DApps on Harmony’s infrastructure will reduce the time required to deploy a new tool or application.

“We look forward to this partnership and strive towards supporting Harmony to move towards its goals by enhancing technology on smart contracts, developer programs, and Mainnet launch — with the emphasis of Harmony taking a full-stack approach of applying 10x innovations in networking, systems, and algorithms for greater developer experience.” Bruce Lu, CTO — Morpheus Labs

Partnerships between companies such as Harmony and Morpheus Labs, will prove essential for the future of adoption, lowering the barriers for developers to deploy dapps and allow for faster market growth. Nick White Co-founder at Harmony protocol also shares:

“We want to provide the best possible developer experience on Harmony. We look forward to integrating with Morpheus Labs to take our dev tooling to the next level. We can support so many applications on our scalable blockchain, but the easy tooling is what will enable those applications to be built.” — Nick White, Co-Founder — Harmony Protocol

With this strategic partnership, both companies can focus on going to market faster and attracting more developers, by offering a higher scalable foundation for dapps.. 💪

To know more about Morpheus Labs, visit their Website or Medium.

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