We at Harmony Protocol are very proud of the results of building strong relationships with our local communities. One of the largest and most active communities of the project is rightfully our Russian-speaking community. You can get involved yourself on our Russian Telegram community — Официальная русскоязычная телеграм группа Harmony (Official Russian-speaking telegram group Harmony) https://t.me/harmony_one_ru.

Today, our online community has more than 600 active users who are actively involved daily in all Harmony initiatives and endeavors. The activity level in the telegram group reaches 14647 on average messages per month with approximately 45 users participating on a daily basis. We can all agree that this is an exciting result considering that most of our members participating in our English communities too.

It is very pleasant to note that over the long months of mutual interaction between Russian-speaking blockchain enthusiasts and the protocol team, we managed to build professional and at the same time friendly relations with the community. This is reflected in the high level of self-organization and self-regulation of community on Telegram, the active participation of group representatives in project initiatives, constant discussions of updates and news, and in helping new members of the community.

More recently, we have grown to the point where the people of the community have expressed an independent desire to moderate their native chat and they have been delegated the authority of administrators. In our group, you will meet them with the “актив группы” labels.

A closed Telegram support group has been launched for Foundational Node operators, in which everyONE can share the experience of starting a node in the main network and get the necessary advice or help in configuring problems with the node.

With great interest, Russian-speaking crypto enthusiasts welcomed the Pangaea gaming initiative (474 ​​applications were submitted from the CIS region) aimed at educating everyONE who wanted to learn the basics of starting a blockchain node and testing the Harmony network.

And on the Harmony Social Mining platform, texts and videos in Russian have already appeared, which will necessarily be rewarded according to the results of voting by miners in the amount of a share of monthly payments in the equivalent of $ 10,000 with $ ONE tokens.

In our turn, we do not stop on expanding the Russian-speaking segment of the blockchain industry only by means of Internet communication and we want to inform you that in November 2019 NickVasilich, the digital marketing specialist of the project will go on a trip to the big cities of Ukraine as part of Okex Cryptotour in Ukraine. The tour program includes visits to Kharkov (7/11), Dnipro (13/11), Odessa (20/11), Vinnitsa (27/11) and the final event on December 5, 2019 in Kiev. We are waiting for everyONE for a personal acquaintance with the project.

For the convenience of communication and obtaining relevant information on the development of the Harmony project, we suggest you subscribe to ONE of the Russian-language communication resources:

Telegram https://t.me/harmony_one_ru

Twitter https://twitter.com/harmony_ru/

If you have any questions, ask them in the comments to this post.