On June 28, Harmony launched Day ONE Mainnet, the world’s first fully sharded, proof of stake blockchain.

Next, Harmony will launch Mainnet Phase 2 (Enter Here).

Our Day ONE Mainnet already includes 600 nodes, making Harmony one of the top 15 most decentralized networks. With Mainnet Phase 2, we aim to bring scalability to the next level with 1,600 nodes (4 shards with 400 nodes each). Mainnet Phase 2 will also include a token swap to the native ONE token, the staking smart contract, and token transfers.

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As a first step, our engineering team has implemented rolling network upgrades, meaning that we can dynamically add features and nodes to the network without a fork. We performed two rolling updates this week already to fully test it. Our next rolling update is during the week of August 5–11th when we will be adding 50 external nodes while growing the network to 800 total nodes.

Currently, the daily block rewards is 1M ONE tokens for the entire network distributed by the number of nodes on the network. This is designed to radically incentivize the nodes who join early to support the Harmony network.

We want to give our supporters the chance to join and start earning block rewards on the network.

To run a node, you will need to stake 1,000,000 ONE tokens (up to 2 nodes per person). Learn how to Enter Mainnet Phase 2.

Our engineering team continues to work on network optimization to minimize message loss, a full standard development kit, and the full staking model. See our latest updates (July 14, July 23, July 30).

We will be posting more Harmony Mainnet updates throughout Q3.

In the meantime, take a look at our code and join our Discord server and Telegram to stay up to date with our development as we gear up for the next phases of Harmony Mainnet.

Welcome to Phase 2.

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