At Harmony, we aim to create an open network secured by a vibrant validator ecosystem.

We are now launching Pangaea Validator Academy to identify qualified validators in the community. Each selected academy member will have the chance to earn an initial delegation of 6,000,000 ONEs for up to 3 months. This will kickstart your journey as a validator earning block rewards while securing the harmony network.

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Registration will be reopened very soon.
Stay tuned!

🔍 Who are we looking for

We aim to identify committed & knowledgeable node operators who are not yet in the committee.

✒️ How to participate

⦿ Spin up a node on the testnet and then register on the sign-up form, with the link to your validator profile from the staking dashboard. Shortly after registration (within 2 days), you will hear from us via email.

⦿ The participants are selected on a first come first served basis — late registrants may be considered for future delegation campaigns. Our selection is based comprehensively on the registrants’ node-operation experience, familiarity with our EPoS & tokenomics mechanism.

⦿ We will update the address of all selected participants in the appendix of this post (the same info can also be queried from the blockchain). Stay tuned!

💰 Prize

⦿ 6,000,000 ONE tokens will be delegated from the Harmony Foundation ( wallet address one1a5fznwvnr3fed9676g42u7q30crtmmkk5qspe9) to the participants’ validator address.

⦿ Undelegation will be conducted based on one of the following rules:

  • All the delegation from the foundation will be withdrawn after 3 months from the delegation.
  • All the delegation from the foundation will be withdrawn if the participants have gained enough delegation to remain in the committee.

⦿ Harmony has no intent to profit from any delegation — all the block rewards earned by Foundation’s delegating address will be sent to the official burner address.

📖 Special Declaration

⦿ Each candidate is only eligible for one participation during the entire campaign. KYC may be applicable(complete KYC at

⦿ Instant undelegation will be triggered in the following circumstances (subject to change in coming weeks):

  • High fees of greater than 25%
  • Signing rate < 66% for 2 consecutive epochs

From Committee to Community and Beyond

Just like any fiduciary relationship, time and effort are required to lay the groundwork and curate trust from delegators. Many currently elected validators have started small but have gained endorsement over time by engaging in different channels over time.

We will help you bootstrap your delegator community in the following ways:

⦿ Twitter — our validator spotlight tweet can introduce you on our official twitter account (@harmonyprotocol) to its 75k+ followers.

⦿ Validator tools — many talented validators have built amazing tools to improve the user experience for both themselves and the delegators.

⦿ Telegram group — create your channel, Harmony will facilitate the communication w/delegators.

☝️ ONE for ALL

We also encourage you to run a node with other Harmonauts collaboratively to deliver a professional level of marketing, community management and node maintenance. This has proven to be successful by some of our best validators (e.g. P-OPs validator, Harmony Community Node). Benefits include:

⦿ better coverage and monitoring on node status

⦿ higher stake to secure more slots in the committee

⦿ more frequent exposure in the community

Interested in Becoming a Validator?

Learn more about being a validator: node set-up documentation, staking dashboard.

Join the discussion on Telegram and Discord — our community leaders and Pangaea captains are there to support you, night and day.

👉 APPLY HERE & Join the Pangaea Validator Academy 👈

We ❤️ Validators.

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After careful selection, we have selected the first 5 members of the Pangea Validator Academy. Each of them has received 6,000,000M delegation from Harmony Foundation and elected with good uptime.

🎖️ Pangaea Validator Academy member list (to be updated...)🎖
MoonStake              | one1xrksyam05h78f47l70rtjsk5njy8u9f0ty995h
NinjaNode              | one180767nt5qzycwl4rzhjaf23kmv30a9uvmlj8vs
Spanish community node | one1rdmpel0fam355u3xdda2w037x6dq8n7xsj0e3v
Yield Wallet           | one1f7hfpy33pzw27jzpnt77y6ze2srckrhm52j40v               | one138p2807r9ywy9ux82kk3pc0z9mff65ystv3hpgc
Swiss Staking          | one17qqnjy4llulpcs3g2uzryhehk5rcyedy4qhet6
ENTER Group            | one14gevvn4z6vmz6htkxwp62pe77c3dwj3p2cvrv6
Geekline Validator     | one1t3tex27l80cs4eltq5t7wymcxwwct6xxuyf7w4
Hypermine              | one1kfngqk6c2fnwjt9yyne6pqqeux0su3uzq0y5uw
KeepNode               | one1d2zjm9czlfzdes97pfuzdydflw0t80kspwst0x

Our selection process is based comprehensively on the registrants’ node-operation experience, familiarity with our EPoS & #tokenomics mechanism and responsiveness to our message to make sure we choose the most knowledgeable & reliable node-operators to support our network.

Learn more about our pva members @