The Harmony ONE Wallet is now live on the Google Web Store! This native chrome extension wallet developed by the Harmony team is the first of its kind to support HRC20 tokens.

Some of the key highlights for this wallet is that individuals can use it to store HRC20 tokens such as SEED tokens and the soon to be launched BUSD tokens on Harmony. Developers can utilize ONE Wallet’s API for signing. Last but not least, the wallet can be used to store, transfer, and stake native Harmony ONE tokens.

The complete list of current features of the ONE Wallet are:

  • Generate a new wallet
  • View wallet address with the QR code
  • Import wallet from private key, hmy cli store, or mnemonic
  • Export private key
  • Send & receive ONE tokens
  • View ONE balance
  • View and Transfer HRC20 tokens
  • Add custom HRC20 tokens
  • View recent transfers
  • Switch the network to Mainnet, Testnet or Localnet
  • Javascript API for calling ONE wallet for signing
  • Support

For more details on developing, creating and using a smart contract with the extension, using Harmony extension object, signing a transaction with the Harmony extension object please check the Github readme here.