Hello, 你好, 안녕하세요, Bonjour, नमस्ते, Hejsa, Привет! Our deck and newsletter are now in 6 languages. Since our last newsletter, we launched Harmony Lottery! Also:

  1. Shipped Harmony Testnet 3.0 with multiple shards, SDK, Docker images.
  2. Coindesk, 36kr, ChainNews and 25 press coverage on deep sharding & data economy.
  3. Tour in Beijing & Seoul with ICON, Quarkchain & introducing 5M token community rewards.
  4. Signed partnerships on asset trading, ad exchanges, mapping.
Hungry and Foolish in Silicon Valley

Are You Feeling Lucky on Harmony Lottery?

We launched a Solidity-compatible lottery with fast finality (watch our product demo). Harmony Lottery rewards winners in Harmony tokens every hour with decentralized randomness. Email hello@harmony.one or sign up here to try our upcoming app on mobile! We look forward to collaborating with developers & designers to scale Harmony dapps to thousands of active users in coming weeks.

Developers have started claiming Harmony’s $1M technical bounty. FireStack, who developed some Zilliqa tooling, is now building Harmony SDK. Other bounty hunters contributed a Docker image for node runners. Install docker and run bash docker-node.sh <account_id> to start the node on both Linux/Mac.

Winning tokens every hour with Harmony Lottery

Additionally, we have shipped Harmony Testnet 3.0 with:

  • A network with p2p overlay using 1 beacon shard + 3 consensus shards.
  • Cuckoo-rule resharding at 10% reshuffle rate and auto-restarting nodes.
  • Genesis shard state, new nodes to stake, state sync for beacon chain.

Next, we will port many prototypes of zero-knowledge proofs such as zkDAI and zkERC20 to Harmony, showcasing our network’s speedup and low cost.

Opening up Harmony Games

We are testing our network extensively for performance, robustness and incentives to find bugs and attack vectors. Join our validators and developers on harmony.one/discord.

Harmony Games will take place in 2 phases:

  • Phase 1: staking (bug bounty, node joining & resharding) and tooling (wallet, explorer & SDK).
  • Phase 2: staking rewards and stress testing (Game of Stakes) — denial-of-service attacks on nodes, introducing malicious transactions, stress testing for network capacity.

Growing Community with 5M Harmony Tokens

Our community can now earn 5 million Harmony tokens for creating content for us on Medium, Reddit, Telegram and Twitter.

We are grateful to industry reporters for our 25 media recognitions in April.

Coindesk highlights Harmony’s vision of building an open market for data sharing. In the article, we express our gratitude to Harmony early investors, including anmi.group, bca.fund, btc12.com 果哥, consensuscapital.ca 欧巴, continue.capital 林吓洪, hayek.capital 许宇萱, hm.capital, lemniscap.vc, qtum.org 帅初, skunk.capital and uva.fund 李江.

Our early investors, including Qtum 帅初

The Steemit article “Harmony…scalable blockchain thoughtfully designed” showcases Harmony’s state and network sharding along with PoS, which solves current challenges of mining concentration, slow throughput and high energy consumption.

Mike Spencer writes in UtopiaPressHarmony’s Deep Sharding” and “Blockchain of Basic Income” how Harmony, a scalable public blockchain, can provide universal basic income and create a radically fair economy.

In the Chinese media, 36kr and Chainnews discuss Harmony’s roadmap to ship the full core features of Eth 2.0 this year, many unique tech differentiations, and our partnership with Hyperion. Follow the official Harmony WeChat for updates!

Hyperion & Harmony announces decentralized mapping partnership

Invincible Summer & Touring to the East

In Beijing, we partnered with CoinXP and HashFuture on the panel “Future of Blockchain”. In Seoul, we collaborated with ICON and Quarkchain on “Sharding & Scaling”. We also caught up with our investors in Hong Kong to discuss staking strategies and plans for an ecosystem fund. We thank our community friends at Deepchain, TokenInsight, Chainnews, RocketFuel and KryptoSeoul!

Radical Fairness & Touring in Beijing & Seoul

Closer to home, we spoke at the IEEE Summit in Fremont and gave a guest lecture at CMU Silicon Valley. Our team met industry partners forming ZKProof standardization at Berkeley. At Seattle’s #Outlier accelerator, we discussed engineering and community execution. We answered questions on building dapps on Harmony with Solidity and WASM in Taiwan blocktimes.tw AMA. And our practitioners interview is now live on INSEAD Dean Zemsky’s class “Blockchain Revolution”, available on Coursera.

Read about us in your favorite language — and help us translate into many more!

Signed Ecosystem Partners

Harmony is partnering with industry projects to scale blockchain usage and developing zero-knowledge proofs for open data markets. We highlight a few partners in our ecosystem:

We embrace Delphi’s view (in their insightful research report) that low interest rates in the macro market favor crypto in the short term, but BUIDLers must grow usage of smart contracts, privacy, and decentralized finance for success in the long run.

Lastly, we need your help to find community ambassadors in China, Korea and your countries!

Stephen Tse
Harmony CEO

A special postscript: Our full team hiked 12 hours straight in the rain to finish a 30-mile journey from Sky to Sea, building onto our culture of persistence & teamwork.

Chak de phatte — Let’s do it together!