Hello to those of you who have set up their journey into the world of decentralization and Harmony protocol’s Universe.

You’re everywhere with us and you see that the project’s social media and messengers are overwhelmed with a flow of messages and a wealth of information about the road map, cross-chain development, bridges on Harmony, grantees and grants and many other topics not so obviously clear from the first sight.

It’s not hard to see how confusing and off-putting it all is.

But where should you start first?

What if there were an online source for everyone interested in the best information on the evolution of Harmony that could perfectly prepare you to understand the team’s mission, vision, current cross-chain road map and development for dApps.

Harmony Angels Bootcamp is that source.

The Harmony Angels Bootcamp has been assembled based on our 4 months experience with Harmony Angles v.1. This Bootcamp is designed in accordance with a quintessence of objectives that we as a team would expect our Radically Decentralized Community to reach. The most important one is to train Angels on product launch and roadmap then for them to educate the community.

If you already know about Harmony protocol, the Harmony Angels Bootcamp will help you feel more confident in your knowledge as a blockchain enthusiast.

Harmony Angels Bootcamp is an e-place where you can be a member of a Radically decentralized community, become a Radical ONE and get maximum valid updates from the team. Participating in Harmony Bootcamp gives you a chance for personal growth in terms of all-things related to Harmony blockchain and to become a Harmony Angel Captain.

Harmony Angels Bootcamp presented in a way of instant storytelling email newsletters from team members, both dev and biz updates and it will help you with a further understanding of the basics and advanced knowledge of Harmony, give you a frame of reference, and provide clarity of what’s going on with the project.

Harmony Angels Bootcamp is a work in progress that exists as a series of emails.

We will send the Bootcamp emails with updates, product guides, and delivered milestones directly to your inbox for you to learn about

It’s more like a friendly conversation we would have together over a cup of coffee.

All we ask is that you read and learn from our emails.

How to join Harmony Angels Bootcamp? (Registration and subscription to Harmony Angels Bootcamp)

By subscribing to Angels Bootcamp we will add you to a certain email list and send a sequence of emails describing specific topics we’d like to share with our community.

We’ve made the registration process as easy as possible. You have to submit a subscription form at https://angels.harmony.one/bootcamp-signup landing page;

Harmony Angels Captains

This part of Harmony Angels Bootcamp is for Radical ONEs who can easily find an answer to a question “What can I do for Harmony?” The most active and creative participants could be promoted to Harmony Angels Captains.

Angels Captains are core supporters from our community committing their time and efforts to help find utility points for Harmony based dApps and spreading them all over crypto Internet, educating the community about Harmony and participating in various online and offline events.

For instance, you can participate in open development of dApps, build and moderate local language communities, help with translation and adaptation for blogs and documentation, lead harmony awareness to the strategic presence on the Crypto Internet, etc.

Share your ideas on how to engage the external crypto community and let them know about Harmony.

For Angels Captains needs we’re going to set a weekly budget up to 100k ONE for developing and promoting captain’s ideas and initiatives.

Who we’re looking for?

We’re seeking for communicative, active, interested in learning about our protocol and ready to help with education of external/internal communities on Harmony’s technology and opportunities in development on top of an open, leading, fast and secure blockchain for building dApps.

Here are some specifications:

Active community members are ready to take part in testing of releasing products and providing valuable feedback;

Crypto enthusiasts passionate about being governors on approved grants;

Regional (country) Angels motivated, energetic and excited to build a truly decentralized community around Harmony protocol.

Just send your request directly to @NickVasilich on telegram or discord. We’ll review your proposal and move it forward.

If you’re interested in activities listed above and would like to join Harmony Angels subscribe to https://angels.harmony.one/bootcamp-signup

Join t.me/harmony_Angels_Bootcamp or harmony.one/discord (#angels channel) or email angels@harmony.one for any questions. See restrictions and terms below.

We ❤️ a decentralized community!

Got an idea to grow Harmony? Hurry up and share it with us!

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