About Harmony $7M Grant

Harmony Grants are to drive our platform’s mainnet utility 🔧, decentralized community 👩‍👩‍👧‍👦, and cryptographic innovations ⚡ — aligned with our 2020 roadmap on cross-border finance 💸 and auditable privacy 🛡️.

Your grant and project are fully transparent to everyone. Details of all grants such as application materials, funding amounts, community discussions, governor decisions and wallet addresses are publicly available at harmony.one/open-grants.

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What is iBriz?

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The growing popularity of Blockchain technology has increased the demand for blockchain applications globally. iBriz has focused on developing applications on top of powerful blockchain technologies like Harmony.one. Starting from collaborating with various blockchain projects (as stated in our website), iBriz began to share the knowledge and resources that the blockchain industry is looking for. Pooling experts from various backgrounds including Fintech, Data Science and Marketing, iBriz has continued its work on building the base for blockchain projects. iBriz not only can tap on the strength and expertise of the technology and marketing sector but also it brings a lot of experience and local know- how from various parts of the world where its teams are located. Harmony mobile wallet fitted with biometric authentication and other state of the art features has been not only our building block but also our entry point to the blockchain industry. This will also be our small contribution to bring the marginalized and the excluded folks into the mainstream of modern financial economy and thus help with poverty alleviation through opportunity creation.

Tell us about the iBriz team

The individuals in iBriz come from various backgrounds including blockchain, fintech, data science, marketing and entrepreneurship . The team members are also based in various geographic locations namely — US and Kathmandu (Nepal). Our perspective ranges from the most technology advanced places like the Silicon Valley to the developing environment of Nepal. So we are well positioned to create the bridge between both the supply side and the demand side of the market.

Tell us about the mobile wallet you are building

iBriz recently received a grant for building a mobile wallet for harmony, hMoney.ONE. hMoney.ONE wallet will be able to not only store ONE and HRC-20 Tokens, but will help ONE holders to stake, delegate and claim the rewards. The app will be available both on the app store and android. It is also secured with biometric and pin code features. Currently the app is in the development phase (but days from going live) and will soon complete its first phase of development with features like wallet creation, token support, transfers between shards and the feature to view transaction details. iBriz is looking forward to tapping into other blockchain use cases with this app and some research has already begun in the NFT and DeFi Space.

There are many Layer 1 projects out there. Why decide to partner with Harmony?

Harmony and iBriz have compatible cultures and vision of impacting the world positively. This will be a small initiative on our part for financial inclusion of the 1.2 billion unbanked and underbanked people.

We are aware of many other Layer 1 projects but Harmony is one of those projects that iBriz finds resonance with in terms of work ethics, goal setting and team work. We have developed a deep relationship of friendship with a common goal of positive impact. We have mentioned below some of the salient features that bring us close to Harmony:

  1. Technology: Harmony has been working hard to bring the best in blockchain especially the ethereum platform. We as innovators are really interested to build and drive the development activities within this ecosystem.
  2. Team: One of the factors that brings us closer to Harmony is the team members it comprises. The dedicated individuals from their respective fields coming together to build this platform is one of the core reasons we are motivated to collaborate.
  3. Community: The community of Harmony is equally responsible for our inclination toward collaborating with Harmony. Harmony has an active community with people from various regions and expertise and we are glad to be a part of it. On top of this we are very proud of the advisors, validators, Harmonauts, governors from Harmony for the generosity, proper guidance and trust they have shown, which makes us convinced that Harmony is a great partner to have.

If you weren’t in blockchain what would you be doing instead?

  1. Work in Fintech
  2. Lead generation and customer acquisition using AI/ML lead scoring
  3. Learning new languages
  4. Develop mundane traditional applications

iBriz has been actively collaborating with fintech projects from Mexico which caters to the financial inclusion initiative. Also iBriz had been working on projects that involve Artificial Intelligence. If we weren’t working in blockchain we would be exploring more in the sectors of fintech, AI and other transformative technology. We can build on and capitalize our knowledge and experience gained from these earlier ventures to assure quality results in our upcoming ventures.

Where can others find more information about iBriz?

Get regular updates from iBriz on our website and these digital channels:




Developers can build on Harmony today, a fast and open blockchain for decentralized applications, suited to handle DeFi and cross-border finance. Harmony Mainnet supports state sharding with instant finality. Our staking mechanism reduces centralization while supporting delegation and slashing.

We ❤️ Developers.

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