Dear Harmony community,

Today we have announced that Harmony ONE has been selected for the 9th Huobi Fast Track round. To prepare for our listing on Huobi, if you have the intention to exchange ONE with other tokens or the opposite, you will need to exchange your Binance Chain ONE tokens to the Ethereum chain. Even though it sounds overwhelming and potentially confusing, the whole process is extremely simple and fast.

This bridge will give the opportunity to smaller exchanges along with Huobi, that currently don’t support the Binance Chain to integrate Harmony ONE among their trading pairs and provide better liquidity for our ecosystem token.

Please note that this will not affect our token supply which will remain the same. Later, a bridge will be enabled to swap tokens in our native mainnet token.

Before starting, please be aware that this a ONE-WAY migration, which only supports the exchange from BEP2 to ERC20. The opposite is currently not supported, but will be enabled in the near future!

To follow the steps below, you will need the following:

  1. To own $ONE BEP2 tokens. You will recognize easily those since their format is starting from the three letters: bnb (following to the numeric value)
  2. An Ethereum wallet that supports ERC20 tokens (not from an exchange)

Please follow the steps very carefully as a mistake could result in loss of funds.


  1. Head to our exchange gateway

It can be used only for ONE BEP2 tokens- not for other BEP2 assets

From the drop-down list select Harmony-ONE and complete your Ethereum wallet address. As mentioned you need to own the keys of this address and could not be one given by an exchange.

Then click NEXT.

2. In the following step, a unique BEP2 wallet address will appear. Please copy-paste (verify that the address has been copied correctly).

When you will transfer the funds from your BEP2 wallet to the showcased address, click NEXT.

3. In the last step the details of your transaction will appear.

Please verify that those are accurate. In case you face any problems, please don’t hesitate to consult our friendly community ambassadors.

Please don’t panic if the transaction will not appear in your Ethereum wallet immediately, since this is depending on the traffic of Binance Chain and Ethereum Network.

Congratulations! You have now successfully migrated your BEP2 ONE to ERC20 ONE and you will now be able to trade $ONE on Huobi when listing occurs.

If you are NOT interested in trading in an exchange that is currently supporting the ERC20 ONE tokens, we recommend keeping your tokens as BEP2 until it is possible to swap back from ERC20. At the same time, Harmony Blockchain Native Token wis around the corner, offering you a chance to exchange directly your BEP2 tokens to our native Harmony Blockhain token.

If you do have any issues or questions, you can ask in our Telegram.

Let us know your experience/feedback in our official Twitter account, posting a screenshot from your migration!