Ankr has developed an one-click node deployment application for Harmony Open Staking Validator nodes, which is available in the Ankr node market.

This is the most straightforward and effortless way to set up a Harmony Open Staking Testnet node and participate Harmony network, earning token incentives in the process! So far, more than 170 people have set up their OSTN P2 node with Ankr’s infrastructure.

The reset function is available now as a simple button

Since Open Staking Network is a testnet it requires frequent network updates and hard- resets. This has been a challenging parts, which has now been replaced by a single button.

If your node currently shows “syncing”, it simply means you’ve encountered a reset of blockchain by the Harmony team.

In that case, with the latest feature added, everyone is able to Reset & Upgrade his node under one click.

In the tab “Information” a button Reset & Upgrade will appear. You just need to be patient for a couple of minutes, and your node will be up and running again!

How to participate?

If you are interested, you need to claim one of the external Validator seats by setting up the Open Staking Testnet node on If you have not registered an account yet, please create one.

In the node market, select the Harmony Open Staking Testnet node and deploy it with just a few simple clicks. If you need any guidance, please check the step by step tutorial available here:

How to deploy a Harmony Open Staking node on Ankr

Due to the overwhelming requests, we’ve limited each account with one free OSTN node