Sesameseed following it’s successful integration of TRON & Ontology Blockchains, in a bid to continue expanding further its staking portfolio, has launched a month-long community vote to determine the blockchain infrastructure for which it will extend support.

“Candidates” were including promising blockchain infrastructure projects such as Cosmos, IOTX, Tezos, Quantum, Waves, IOST, Vechain, MakerDAO and Harmony Protocol.

Following the enhanced participation/ demand from the Harmony Community, we are excited to announce our partnership with Sesameseed!

At that time, Sesameseed will be part of the Harmony (ONE) staking ecosystem as a preferred staking provider. Staking for the Sesameseed node will be available on Sprout, the premiere multichain staking wallet by Sesameseed, and other supporting wallets.

Sesameseed community-focused rewards economy provides people staking their digital assets the easiest way to earn better rewards over time compared to other staking options. Rewards generated by Sesameseed will be distributed to the staking community in the form of the SEED rewards token, immediately kickstarting the transaction volume on the Harmony blockchain through its daily rewards distributions.

To learn more about SEED, see the Sesameseed Docs and blog.

More details on ONE staking and rewards sharing will be provided at a later date.

The values of Sesameseed — transparency and community representation — have allowed it to stand out as a trusted voice in the blockchain space, and has inspired over 275,000 blockchain addresses in staked digital assets to Sesameseed. Sesameseed’s decision to join Harmony is driven by the shared values of both organizations, and look forward to meaningful opportunities for both blockchain communities.

Sprout is a comprehensive, decentralized blockchain tool designed to provide a simple and secure blockchain experience to holders of digital assets. Sprout is built as the premiere staking wallet making it easy to maximize the rewards available for holding digital assets. It seeks to motivate beginner and advanced coin holders to stake directly on the blockchain while securely maintaining ownership of their own private keys.

Easy to use Harmony wallet creation, sending and receiving ONE, and ONE staking will be available after Sprout’s public launch.

Sprout will also allow for ease in staking to Sesameseed’s Harmony nodes. Sesameseed’s community-focused rewards economy provides people staking their digital assets the easiest way to earn better rewards over time than can be earned by other staking options.

To learn more about Sesameseed and the SEED rewards token, see the Sesameseed Docs and blog.

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