Harmony way through the community problem-solving test.

This blog post is not obviously related to any marketing or business development activity, but this is a very important step on the way to know Harmony technology followers better. If you don’t have time to read it, you can scroll down the text to the last paragraph. But don’t skip that paragraph and the community problem-solving quiz we’ve prepared for you.

The 2019th for Harmony was an exciting year of ultimate protocol development and community building. The Harmony team has been working on a new blockchain technology product for more than 2 years and launched the Mainnet on July 28, 2019. Since then we have come a long way, in which we built the greatest blockchain community of devoted supporters, launched Pangaea, the first of its kind education and a test program for node operators, we presented Effective Proof-of-Stake and Harmony Token Model, grew up our community with Binance Launchpad and numerous different community engagement activities.

So, reading above and making a conclusion about what are things about the blockchain in Harmony angle we’ve realized the only 2 big importances that matter for any blockchain startup. In 2019 we came up with the answer to the question: “What’s blockchain technology is about?” The answer is simple and obvious, but not everyone in a blockchain world always remembers it. In the case of Harmony, the answer to the question about the meaning of the blockchain technology sounds this way: “The blockchain technology is always about the product and the community!”

Harmony product

The Harmony product is a native Harmony blockchain that is developed by a team of experienced engineers day by day and night by night. All improvements for the Harmony technology is public and always available on Harmony GitHub. The engineering team works hard and permanently distributes new features for the Harmony blockchain.

The easiest way to check our chain in action is to go to the Harmony Explorer. There you can check in a live mode our shard count, block count, block latency, node count.

Harmony Community

During 2019 we created the most transparent communication with our community — the open planning and detailed reports on every team member’s performance that indicates the progress for every single task whether it comes from our CEO or remote team members.

Our core team members always in close touch with the community on Telegram and Discord. We lead lots of AMAs and share the latest updates to the Harmony Mainnet Node Operators on Zoom video calls. We always try to keep our community up to date with the latest vision and intentions of the Harmony team to make things better. The results are amazing. We have more than 20k active online communities on Telegram and Discord, our Twitter followers are increasing every day and they count more than 70k now.

Having such a big and devoted support from people related to the blockchain community we want to know what is behind your decision to join a Harmony journey at its early beginning and keep going together. We want to understand the most critical and fundamental principles determining your choice. And although we don’t like the word “problem”, let’s figure out the problems that you wanted to sort out with harmony technology.

Let’s put Harmony blockchain through the community problem-solving test. We want to look at the problems Harmony community experiences now and want to find out the best solutions with the fast and secure sharding based blockchain. We propose you to go through a simple anonymous quiz that takes you up to 5 minutes and helps us build a strong understanding of what you want to reach together with Harmony.

Click >>> Quiz link and make Harmony team aware about problems you’re expecting us to solve for you <<< Click

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