2019 September 10th

Hey Harmony community,

This week was among the most crucial and special for the current V.1 of our rolling mainnet release. We finally reached ONE of the most vital milestone to date — after many weeks of rigorous development and testing allowing native $ONE tokens transfers on the network — open tested by our Foundational and Pangaea node operators.

We’re very excited for what the future holds for the second Phase of #Pangaea, our experimental blockchain zone, and we look forward to reaching many more milestones and achievements.

Our weekly highlights:


  • Improved cross-shard transaction processing time from 3-block to 2-block intervals
  • Implemented blockchain data structure upgrade and versioning infrastructure
  • Finished TrustWallet and Ledger transaction signing integration
  • Pangaea phase 2 launched with token transfer functionalities

Business and Community

  • Announced partnership with @TryCrypto to simplify login for dapps.
  • Phase 1: PhotoBlock, allows users to login to Harmony Dapps with a photo and emojis
  • AMA with @honestmining witnessed record-breaking participation, as we fielded with 100s of live questions

Honest Mining to celebrate Harmony integration is offering 2 months FREE service fee for staking services


  • Pangaea Phase 2 Launch:
  • 1. More performance >> more rewards 2. Not a zero-sum game >> more participants, more rewards per person 3. Secret missions! Involving transaction sending 4. New participant alert! we plan to include 1000+ more people to run ‘wallets’ this time

AMA with Harmony CEO Stephen Tse on Vision and Roadmap

The entire transcript on Harmony’s Vision & Roadmap with our CEO @stse is out! Read the entire AMA here:


To learn more about Harmony’s latest developments visit: