Dear Community,

This week marks our third live transparency update where we document our engineering, business and marketing progress for the community. AnyONE can comment on this document. Our team will see your feedback live and provide answers.


  • John Whitton joined our engineering team full time to ship SDK and refine our go-to-market strategy with developers and business with real blockchain use cases.
  • Surpassed 1,300,000 blocks signed on Mainnet Day ONE
  • Improved and debugged ONEClick Deploy; finished ONEClick deployment workflow.
  • Added protocol-level consensus message retry mechanism.
  • Persisted last-commit signatures in disk in case of node restart.
  • Migrated lottery demo app using Harmony SDK; held product demo session in office.
  • Finished research and comparison on staking model of 5 PoS projects.

We gave a research talk comparing Harmony’s PBFT consensus protocols to HotStuff, Facebook LibraBFT, and Avalanche. The talk highlighted:

  • Consensus on values versus consensus on orders.
  • Data structures selected for consensus (linked lists, trees, and directed acyclic graphs (DAGs)).
  • Deterministic versus nondeterministic consensus approaches.


  • Launched Pangaea, our incentivized blockchain platform. Pangaea is for thousands of people to interact with the Harmony network, test the limitations of our technology and have lots of fun while earning rewards.
  • Refined our core product strategy, building in serial: gaming and /NFT (Animoca), decentralized finance /Defi (DAI), and zero knowledge privacy /ZKP (Findora).
  • Held a foundational node raffle for our recent opening in nodes for Mainnet Phase 2 in August.
  • Published our Matic video interview discussing our partnership combining layer 1 and layer 2 scaling.
  • Wrote an editorial for large Greek newspaper on PoS, scaling utility, and value of building blockchain infrastructure.
  • Our team was featured in “Rise of the New Crypto Mafia” highlighting our backgrounds in big tech (Apple, Google, Amazon) and academia (Stanford).
  • Surpassed US$2,000,000 in trading volume since we launched $ONE Makers just 1 month ago. $ONE Makers contribute 0.92% of total $ONE volume.

Marketing & Community

  • Created a survey to hear all of our community feedback to grow community involvement.
  • Hosted London meetup discussing blockchain narratives with our Creative Director.
  • Conducted a giveaway and gave out Harmony merchandise to the winners.
  • Translated our July update into top 10 global languages.
  • Expanded social media audit from last week to include all platforms and not just Twitter.
  • Voted as best dapp platform to implement scalable and secure sharding by community.