The Harmony team is proud to support the Indonesian Blockchain Week which is expected to be attended by 2000+ attendees, featuring speakers such as CZ from Binance & Justin Sun from the TRON Foundation, along with our own Robin Schmidt who will be among the keynote speakers of the event.

The event will be hosted virtually, and will take place from 18th to 27th of August. With the theme of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), focusing on the various applications of DeFi in Indonesia.

Harmony has been among the first blockchain protocols with a clear focus on being a key enabler to making international payments and remittances in the country easier and cheaper by launching the Indonesian Rupiah token, along with doubling our efforts with the launch of our local community in Indonesia, and upcoming integrations with Indonesian fintech companies.

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Several high profile global and Indonesian DeFi experts will be speaking in these webinars to share their insights on how Indonesians can benefit from DeFi. Notable speakers in the event include among other CZ Zhao — CEO Binance, Justin Sun — Founder TRON, Carylyne Chan — CEO CoinMarketCap, Jordan Momtazi COO Synthetic Network, Ivan Poon — Co-Founder Switcheo, along with our own Robin Schmidt, Creative Director at Harmony.

The event is organized by Tokocrypto, an Indonesian Cryptocurrency Exchange, which was been acquired by Binance.

Harmony, Swipe, Synthetix, AAVE, Tezos, Kyber Network, Waves, and Switcheo, are the key event sponsors. The event will be broadcasted by CNN Indonesia, along with other notable Indonesian and global media partners.

During the event, Harmony will participate with two sessions:

On Wednesday 26th at 19:25 Jakarta time, Robin will deliver his Keynote Presentation, introducing Harmony to the Indonesian crowd, along with presenting the key benefits for DeFi developers, using Harmony as the underlying infrastructure for their Dapps.

On the same day, we will participate in the Panel Discussion titled “Alternative Method to Cross Border Asset Transfer Using Crypto Assets”.

Remittance refers to the transfer of money to a distant location or different country. Blockchain, by eliminating the need for certain intermediaries, allows DeFi remittance services to lower the average global remittance fee greatly. Furthermore, with the emergence of stablecoins, crypto assets and blockchains have proven to be a highly potential low cost and high speed remittance tool which serve as beneficial remittance options for users to transfer their assets.

Join us now to learn more about remittance using blockchains. Companies represented in the panel among others are Ripple, Tezos, Switcheo, Xendit, QCP, and Tokocrypto.

The full schedule of the event is available here:

Tuesday 18th 19:00 -20:30

Indonesia Blockchain Week 2020 Opening Ceremony: Introduction to Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Speakers: CZ Zhao, Pang Xue Kai, Joselito Lizarondo, Carylyne Chan, Jordan Momtazi

Wednesday 19th 19:00 -20:30

Peer to Peer Lending Using Crypto Assets

Speakers: Justin Sun, Wei Zhou, John Izaguirre, more to be announced!

Friday 21th 19:00 -20:30

Earning Passive Income Through Crypto Staking & Savings

Speakers: Jordan Momtazi, Jesse Phillips, Joselito Lizarondo, Budi Hikmat, Sten Laureyssens

Monday 24th 19:00 -20:30

Managing Crypto Assets Using Mobile Wallet

Speakers: Viktor Radchenko, Joselito Lizarondo, Danny Baskara, Danny Taniwan, Sten Laureyssens

Tuesday 2tth 19:00 -20:30

How does Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) differs from traditional exchanges?

Speakers: Gin Chao, Deniz Omer, Ivan Poon, Michael Burgess, Budi Rahardjo

Wednesday 26th 19:00 -20:30

Alternative Method to Cross Border Asset Transfer Using Crypto Assets

Speakers: Teguh Kurniawan Harmanda, Robin Schmidt, Jack Yeu, more to be announced!

Thursday 27th 19:00 -20:30

Indonesia Blockchain Week 2020 Closing Ceremony: Adopting DeFi into the future of Indonesia Finance

Speakers: CZ Zhao, Justin Sun, Muhammad Neil El Himam, Pang Xue Kai, Joselito Lizarondo