Building a successful social campaign in the modern experienced blockchain community is a really big deal for any project or startup. Though Harmony is not an exception from this statement, I’m 100% sure that everyone who has engaged with Harmony at any point knows that we’re not an ordinary project. Open Consensus for 10B people differentiates from all others, and that’s why all our social campaigns are totally different from what people have met before in a surrounding crypto community. And Harmony’s Social Mining campaign should be distinguished too.

Real Harmony supporters form all over the World are Social Validators in the Social Shards

Let me start with a Concept for Harmony social mining based on the idea of a union for devoted supporters who can choose their roles in the social chain and are ready to bring VALUE for Harmony.

As we are the revolutionary consensus platform, the next-generation sharding based blockchain startup, everything we’re creating now is closely related to our Mainnet.

Harmony Social Mining program should definitely be built around Mainnet live development, engagements with the core team, FNs’ running process, participating in Harmony initiatives, etc. While designing the Social Mining initiative, we shouldn’t forget about principal pillars of Harmony blockchain: decentralization, security, scalability, and privacy, — well known as the Harmony blockchain quadrilemma. And last but not least — the Harmony Social Mining campaign must be the first of its kind, not a replication of a previously existing one in a new interpretation, but a fundamentally new approach interesting for the community. Meet Social Validation Chain — 10B for Open Consensus!

Social Validation Chain Structure

Harmony Social Validating Chain is the active Harmony followers based Social Mining Chain, which consists of Social Shards. Each shard can include a lot of Social Validators* (Social Nodes).

Social Shard unites Harmony supporters form a certain territory. The main feature to be in the Social Shard is availability to produce content in the same language. For instance, we can set up a Global Social Shard for English speakers, the Russian Social Shard for Russian speakers, etc.
Social Validator is a single person, a social mining program active participant who has personal experience with Harmony (FN, stakeholder, HSM node runner, participant of liquidity bounty, believers and supporters, etc) and wants to share his experience within and beyond the existing community. Each Social Validator will claim itself its own responsibilities within the Social Shard and will accomplish them. We call it VALUE. It could be content writing, video guides production, marketing promotion, shortly say lots of activities to choose are opened before you.

* — Each Social Validator has a “Validator” label in the joint telegram group.

What’s the “VALUE”?

Value is any activity that is aimed at the internal Harmony community and external crypto and blockchain fellows. It might be a piece of quality written content — an article or a blog post. It might be marketing activity helping to promote a produced content and directed to a new and subsisted Harmony community. It could be design products like quality images, valid infographics which improve the readiness of written content. It might be video or textual guides, Harmony mainnet monitoring bots, tips and tricks for running a node or setting up cloud servers, etc. It also might be other types of original contributions based on your personal views on what is important for the EPoS Sharding based Blockchain startup. Any skills that can help Harmony to grow and succeed with your support will be very useful and are welcome. Harmony Social Validating Chain will strengthen with every new Social Node added.

Following Harmony blockchain quadrilemma and assessing the understanding of VALUE, you can join Harmony Social Validation Chain even now:
1. Harmony Social Validation Chain Dashboard — join now!

2. Harmony Social Validation Chain Discord and Telegram.