We are happy that things around HSM are evolving. There are two big options for the Harmony Social Mining Talks today. The first one is the most valuable updates on HSM from the live Harmony Social Mining Twitter Talks that took effect on Friday, Nov 8, and the 2nd workdrop payout details included.
The second one is The Teams competition within the Harmony DAO.

What’s new on HSM?

Community requests and questions.

Team competition

You guys are great as individuals, but as a team you are even better, stronger and most important you can bring more value to the ecosystem. This is why we are presenting to you a new round for HSM evolution — the Teams competition

What’s it?

Together you can generate more value and outcome than alone. This competition is aimed at building local communities around the Harmony protocol. You are welcome to build any popular local digital sources such as social media, blogs, email subscribers lists, etc which you will use for promotion of your created activity in the frame of HSM. We want you to set up your local language sources, pick for them creative names*, start building devoted community around your produced content.
We hope you understand, that building a community using only infographics and designs won’t bring you so many impacts as if you organize to small but active team with writers, designers, social media managers, community moderators, marketers or any other team members, who can help you at producing value.

* — never pick names related to the official Harmony branding, don’t name local channels with the headlines “official”. Try to be unique and unrepeatable with your ideas.

A simple step by step guide for the Teams competition participants.

  1. Form a team.

Team is a group of HSM participants, who united with the joint goal to produce value for Harmony.
Your team should contain at least 2 people, should have a unique name and a clear vision of future activity. Don’t be stressed with this formalism, you can always ask for personal support from NickVasilich on Discord @NickVasilich#6243 or on Telegram

2. You are free to choose any possible digital (and not only**) means and assets for building new communities.

You can create a local language telegram group, keep it active and always warm it with the latest Harmony updates. You can set Instagram or Facebook pages and generate traffic to your team blog from there. You can start a Twitter channel and update it frequently. You can do all of these activities powered by your team and even more, you are not limited in your creativity. Articles, videos and everything that is providing value. Gather people preach about Harmony, work hard and get rewarded.

If you doubt what to start with, don’t hesitate to tag and discuss it with Nick Vasilich on Discord @NickVasilich#6243 or on Telegram.

For example, your team is going to manage a Russian local Twitter, Medium & Telegram channels. The goal is to make it as engaged and active as possible.

Don’t forget to provide PoV (proof of value), which is the most important identification for jury and voters.

** — for instance, you can wear a Harmony T-shirt and attend a crypto event, take a few pictures and share it with the community.

3. PoV

PoV (proof of value) is the most important identification for produced value, which shows a number of engagements, impressions, shares, link clicks generated by the performance of your content.

Example of great PoV breakdown https://community.harmony.one/cboard/activity/view/2173/

The higher PoV you submit to the HSM dashboard the higher your chances for your team to get more votes, reputation, and rewards.

Team structure idea


The person that will eventually put the team together and set the tasks, take an active part in them and push other team members.

Shares and content squad

These people are responsible to push the new-made content via different digital channels (twitter, telegram, LinkedIn, email newsletters, etc) and earn organic impressions increasing your team’s PoV.

Sponsor(s) — is not a team member, but the person who is able to provide some support for your team and ask for some special tasks.

Sponsors are stakeholders that the team would be able to attract.

They are providing votes and reputation thanks to their stake and this way they are “paying” the team for their good work.

Tips for the perfect performance

  1. Create a team with the people, who hold various skill-sets helping to reach all the way to end-user. Don’t overcrowd your team. The best is to have 3–5 teammates.
  2. Every day update your PoV on the HSM dashboard.
  3. Pick only popular sources for spreading content within the local community. Focus on quality for content distribution, not a quantity.
  4. Set a clear description of your channels that they are community-powered and not official channels of Harmony.
  5. Create only valid truth content based on the official Harmony news or on your own experience of engagement with the Harmony team. All spammy posts or not relevant information about the project won’t be counted.


The main rewards will come from validators since we are more than sure that with the great PoV from you guys, the validators will treat you very well. More big stakeholders will join and help you guys get some good payouts.

Only the link to join HSM https://community.harmony.one/