This is a transcript of the first episode of Social Mining Talks that took effect on the Twitter channel, outlining the potential direction for old Harmony DAO participants, and welcoming new members!

A month ago we have successfully set up Harmony Social Mining Campaign (HSM) which is going live now and every $ONE token holder can easily join by adding his $ONE wallet to the HSM Dashboard. Currently, the minimum amount required is set to 10 000 $ONEs to be held. Registering on the HSM Dashboard you’ll be able to get staking benefits for creating value for Harmony by accomplishing different creative initiatives. You always lead your initiatives yourself. Our work is only to help you reach higher results and rewards.

DAO is an organization that has been designed to be automated and decentralized.
Harmony DAO is a part of the Harmony ecosystem realized by the automated Harmony Social Mining Dashboard with the goal to spread trust and decentralization within an internal Harmony stakeholders community and building awareness for potential Harmony tokens holders in external crypto and blockchain fellowship.
Harmony Social Mining Campaign is a staking opportunity, provided by Harmony team for the devoted supporters.

We are really pleased to be involved in a highly necessary decentralized community-building initiative, which totally aligns with Harmony’s vision on growth within the principles of openness and decentralization and building a worldwide ecosystem.

This big move in direction of DAO definitely won’t be possible without you — without our devoted community, the community which is supporting Harmony’s culture and views, initiatives and forward moves from the DayOne.

We feel your great power and will to bring much more value for Harmony providing your high-quality skills and abilities for creating good content, designs, developing, etc.

Starting with selection a position in Harmony’s DAO you should make a clear decision, answering the simple question: “As a devoted Harmony supporter am I able to contribute value for Harmony?”

If answering this question you are strongly in your minds saying “YES” the wide range of abilities and opportunities opens before you. And this is only and only up to your choice and vision, up to your thoughts and minds, up to your skills and sentiments on how to behave and execute within the Harmony’s DAO.

For instance, if you hold a substantial value of $ONE tokens, which means you are really interested in Harmony long term development but you probably don’t have much time to participate in the competition among the Harmony social miners — content creators, You are also able to be the active Harmony’s DAO member and even more. You can be the ONE making powerful fateful decisions on what’s the value for Harmony. Your position as a decision-maker is like to be a Senator in Ancient Rome ruling the democratic decentralized community. Big stakeholders, You are born validators on HSM platform. You can use your voting power, based on your balance. This voting power is that You have never had before but definitely should try are you available to manage it wisely and judiciously?

Another option is to be a creative hardworking content creator and get a bunch of $ONE tokens during every payout which realized via complicated HSM platform’s algorithms of statistics and ratings, which makes this platform decentralized and independent, reducing any tricking opportunities. And this is not a limited list of activities you can manage via the Harmony Social Mining Dashboard (link). Simply join and start your active participation, and the Harmony team will fully assist you personally via our Telegram social mining group. You can always tag @NickVasilich in there or even reach me in DM.

Last Friday, on Nov 1, we have hosted a great live event on Twitter, Harmony Social Mining Talks. The impact of the event was unexpectedly huge!

The number of Impressions and Total engagements, this is the VALUE for Harmony form HSM participants and during this week we’ll teach you all how we can make this value more visible everywhere on the Internet!
This is what we exactly call Proof of Value (PoV).

Thank you for joining Harmony Social Mining, together we’ll make execution better. This week we will show Proof of Value for every piece of content produced by the big family of Harmony Social Miners.

Backing to our Harmony Social Mining Twitter Talks…

Statement #1
The Strategy for HSM in November is a team execution, not a single play!

Statement #2
Internal value vs external value!

We will talk about how to show the value you’re bringing to Harmony.

Statement #3
New feature available: staking for ERC-20 is coming live!

Statement #4

HSM Community leaders board — Harmonators.
A successful and functional DAO is the organization that self-regulated and which his own leaders. Building great HSM leaders team is task #1 for this week in Harmony Social Mining. If you feel like you have an intent to be involved more in building Harmony DAO, please tag @NickVasilich in Harmony Social Mining telegram group.

Statement #5
Join social mining being a whale, is it worth it and why?

… the part of the Harmony ecosystem.

To find more details about what has been discussed during the Harmony Social Mining Talks visit this Twitter Thread.
Having questions or concerns about HSM — please, forward them to Harmony Social Mining Telegram Group.