Started from the Harmony Social Chain DayOne on Saturday, November 23 the onboarding phase is live. There are a lot of different spots for Social Validators: Social Shard leaders, Marketing Social Validators, Design Social Validators, and lots of other spots, based on your skills and abilities. The list above it’s not a dogma. You can join Social Validators with any role, mentioned above. You can also join with your original role, just notify NickVasilich on Telegram or Discord about your intentions.

Up to today, the Harmony Social Validating Chain has already had 3 Social Validators. Meet Lucian, Dave, and Atmos Black.
They started their own initiatives within Harmony Social Mining and committed specific activities for themselves.

1. Lucian (Telegram, Twitter)

I believe HarmonyNews can be an effective media outlet responsible for outreach and introducing the Harmony project to new people. I think of it as a lightning rod for the Harmony community which boosts the project’s visibility and amplifies community voices.

The website will serve as a compendium of everything Harmony-related such as news & announcements, guides and resources, third-party dev communities and dApps, wallets and exchange info, interviews, staking calculator, video library, events calendar, and so on.

The idea was partly inspired by another website, which has found great success with this same concept and was of great help to me when I first heard of another blockchain project. Today, they boast over 171,000 Twitter followers and are definitely part of the reason that another blockchain project is still valued as high as it is.

However, I believe Harmony can be even more successful by entering the ‘public imagination’ through the use of popular media and being more involved on the grassroots level. HarmonyNews promotes Harmony via the angle that it is the first project to successfully tackle and implement a full sharding solution for a PoS system, beating Ethereum’s development by over a year — I believe this is a winning formula and has been coincidentally also used by CEO Stephen Tse, CTO Rongjian Lan, and others.

As for my background, I am currently a cryptocurrency news journalist and I know how the industry works. I have been employed as a writer and editor for 3 years now.

2. Dave (Telegram, Twitter)

Dave’s Harmony validator concept

My main proposal is to monitor and aggregate team success via available communication channels. To achieve that we need to implement the following things:

a) I will start from the point where I have a list of all planning/completed goals. The goals should be more detailed so that people can have a more clear vision regarding each team member’s progress and work.
Method: asking the team directly via discord/twitter/telegram.

b) List with goals can be both in Ru/En languages. The validator must keep this list up to date
Methods: a google doc with progress, percentage, and charts can be used.

c) I have already set up the twitter account — Harmony Validator — that reports the team progress. Updates are coming every 2 weeks. Also, once a week I will pick one of the team members and will prepare a detailed explanation of what kind of value achieving his goals brings to the project.

Using all stated above some kind of reporting system can be implemented. Important thing is that the team itself should be aware of validators and provide all the necessary information about progress/goals in time and without any issues.

I started with Harmony since the IEO. Later in June, I interested in Pangaea test nodes program and node setup parallel helping others to set up their nodes. After being a successful testnet node operator I decided to join the foundational nodes network in August. Hopefully, there was a place at that time, so I deployed and ran my own node being a small particle in this great and ambitious project. So basically I was involved in every Harmony’s main activities.
Later on Day 1 of Harmony Social Mining program started in October I joined to this platform and started my journey as a validator.

3. Atmos Black (Telegram, Twitter)

I just started HSM 2 weeks ago. After sucking up all the information about Harmony like a sponge, I went all-in on One. I’m a digital marketer — had my own agency for 10 years and am now CMO at an educational institute in Austria. Just as a small background on me.

What sold me on Harmony to be my long-term investment is not primarily the tech, but the corporate culture and vision. I was missing this in the blockchain space for all these years. It’s a match made in heaven.

Well, I will open up my topics on my blog wide enough to attract also an audience outside of HSM — at least that is my understanding of content marketing and the goal — but I agree, the community-based blog is a great idea! Thanks a lot — I’d love to also write articles in German and lead this shard! I’m honored. 😀 It will be interesting to see if I’m still able to write in my mother language.

Onboarding is LIVE

AnyOne participant of Harmony Social Mining program can join Harmony Social Chain now and get his personal Validator’s spot. There are no specific requirements for joining, but there are yet so many free spots in the Local Social Shards and lots of marketing roles for Harmony supporters. Commit your ideas and obligations and tag @NickVasilich in the Social Mining Telegram group.