We have something big cooking for our Harmony Puzzle but before we do that we wanted to share some of the stats to show you a glimpse of how it’s been doing.

If you still haven’t played — here’s the link: https://puzzle.harmony.one/#/

1. In the last 2 weeks Game has reached 118 countries!

(Compare: May 8 to May 22: 63 countries)

Bluer the country — the more users there are

2. Average daily active users increased from 80 to 1169 at its peak

3. 400% Improvement in session duration

4. 200% Improvement in bounce rate

5. 200% Improvement Engagement

About 78% people left the game in first 10 seconds.

Only 38% left game in first 10 seconds. More even distribution over game sessions.

6. Page Load Times have gotten better (Up to 600%)

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