To post or not to post. That is the question…

If you find ever find yourself in the tranquil sun-soaked neighbourhoods west of San José you’ll find your eyes drawn further westwards to the gentle mountains lining the horizon. The names of the towns here reflect post-war optimism in a way that seems so very very American. Sunnyvale, Los Altos, Mountain View. As if challenging inhabitants to step away from the valley and rise to new heights.

Walking backwards up hill while filming. Not so easy…

The simple truth is that this is an extraordinarily beautiful part of the world. With the vast bay to the north east and the Pacific to the west with nothing in between but redwood forest and mountain peaks. A tonic for the soul and a reminder that tech should always work in service of the weird and wonderful organic lifeforms that populate the world. But what good is all that if you’re strapped to your desk 24/7?

Chao Ma + Minh Doan

At the end of every quarter the Harmony team hike into the hills to reset, take stock and look ahead to the next quarter. It’s a vital and important piece of the company culture and we almost didn’t share it. The truth is we were worried how the community would react to seeing the team eating and drinking together. The BBQ coin meme has followed us since our ICO and any whiff of food or drink in casual social posts invites instant criticism, as if this team should subsist purely on code alone.

The culture at Harmony might be difficult to understand from outside. It’s social, inviting guests to come and converse, eat, drink and be made welcome. But that’s just one piece of it. There’s so much more to Harmony’s culture which will become much clearer as we release more of these films. We wrestled with this one because it’s raw, unvarnished and just shot fly-on-the wall style. But, why should we worry about presenting the Harmony culture for what it is? There’s nothing to be ashamed of. The team works far beyond the 9–9–6 set by Stephen. You’ll see that too in upcoming films.

So, for now, this is how Q4 kicked off. It’s how every quarter is kicked off. We hike. We talk. Every new team member does an AMA. It’s low cost but high impact and we invite you to see what it’s all about.


Stephen Tse, CEO
Sahil Dewan, Biz
Rongjian Lan, Eng
Leo Chen, Eng
Eugene Kim, Eng
Nick White, Biz
Robin Schmidt, Creative

Roll on Q4. We’re ready.