Mainnet nodes: next window to get in closing fast!

Rolling Upgrades

It seems only yesterday we announced Day ONE of the Harmony mainnet but developments have only accelerated since then. Our epic incentivised Testnet Game PANGAEA has seen an incredible number of sign-ups with 1,872 across 84 countries. True decentralisation relies on the greatest possible spread of validators across the world and Pangaea is already proving this is possible.

But that’s our testing ground, what about Mainnet?

Phase One is already live and we are rapidly adding the all-important external nodes required to achieve our ambitions of super-fast, super-scalable blockchain infrastructure. Our previous upgrade saw us scale from 600 to 800 nodes with 208 external validators globally putting us at 26% external participation.

The next rolling network upgrade is scheduled for Thursday August 15th we have just a few spots left before hitting our target of 300 external nodes which will take us to 30% external nodes. There are currently just 12 spots left for validators to participate in 1,000,000 $ONE worth of daily rewards. The sooner you join the network the greater your rewards will be so early participation is recommended.

There are currently just 12 spots left for validators to participate in 1,000,000 $ONE worth of daily rewards.

The Basics

Currently each unique person/entity can run up to 2 nodes for now. To run a node, you will need to stake 1m ONE tokens per node.

You will be eligible to run a node on Mainnet if you can email your wallet address and BLS public key before 10am PDT on Thursday, August 15th (UTC 17:00). You’ll need to stake 1m ONE tokens. Or fill out

You can run a Harmony node on AWS, Vultr or Google Cloud.

What’s next?

With Mainnet Phase 2, we aim to bring scalability to the next level with 1,600 nodes (4 shards with 400 nodes each). Mainnet Phase 2 will also include a token swap to the native ONE token, the staking smart contract, and token transfers.

Our engineering team continues to work on network optimization to minimize message loss, a full standard development kit, and the full staking model. See our latest updates (July 14, July 23, July 30).

We will be posting more Harmony Mainnet updates throughout Q3.

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