TrustWallet has extended support for the native $ONE cryptocurrency for its users.

Trust Wallet, is now supporting all three blockchain versions of $ONE — our Native Mainnet $ONE, the ERC20 $ONE, and the BEP2 $ONE!

You can now privately and securely manage your $ONE coins from the palm of your hand.

Step by Step Tutorial:

As soon you will download the Trust Wallet, in the tab Tokens, please use the search function to locate Harmony wallets.

As you will notice, you will be provided with three options.

The native $ONE is showcased without a reference to the protocol, while our Ethereum issued token is identified as ERC20 and our Binance Chain version as BEP2.

If you have Native $ONE tokens as a Node Validator already you can transfer them easily in your Trust Token. The procedure is available here:

Token Transfers on Mainnet

If you don’t have native $ONE tokens yet, you can purchase from exchanges such as BitMax which have announced support for the native $ONE token. The exact release date will be disclosed soon.

If you have ERC20 $ONE or BEP2 $ONE you can swap them either from the Bridge which will be available to the public along along with the official Mainnet $ONE launch day, or select one of our official swap partners such as HonestMining which will automatically swap your tokens to our Native $ONE.

You can always check your Transaction Status, or wallet Balance in the official Harmony Explorer.

Harmony - Open consensus for 10B

Make sure you update to our latest version for iOS (2.6984.0) and Android (1.7.136) if you want to use Harmony.

In particular, we continue to gain the support of leading crypto wallets as we move toward the launch of the $ONE Mainnet.

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