As announced earlier, we are excited to introduce the first DAO aiming to flourish the Harmony ecosystem. If you have missed our initial announcement, or you are looking to learn more about Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, please consult the following post:

Introducing Harmony DAO Maker

Harmony + Community = ❤

With the introduction of Social Mining, we as the Harmony community can build a distributed rewards system that incentivizes contribution to our network. It will be run by the users- aka Harmony DAO Maker participants, and is a great way for users to get involved and take the future of Harmony on their hands!

Get your hands dirty!

We already experience numerous initiatives from community members who took unselfish actions to voluntarily contribute to the development of our ecosystem. A couple of those are already foundational node operators, $ONE token holders, or ambassadors of Harmony. A notable example which represents community self-organized initiative is the launch of, a portal dedicated to cover the latest news and developments of Harmony ecosystem.

The Harmony ecosystem is fortunate to have a wealth of developer talent looking for ways to contribute, so DAO Maker along previous posted technical bounties will ensure that there is an incentive for engineers will continue to either work on advancing our blockchain protocol, or #BUIDL top notch decentralized applications. The contribution from external developers through the Harmony DAO Maker will allow the project to move forward in a variety of ways without impacting the highest development priorities the team is currently focusing on.

Any developer can post a request to work on a new tool, Dapp, or submit a bug. Our community validators will examine the idea and they will either upvote or downvote the proposal depending on the reputation and importance for the development of the ecosystem. In Harmony DAO Maker all the participants “have skin in the game” which means they collectively decide for projects/ or actions with real impact that will support the Harmony ecosystem.

Only during the first day, 209 users subscribed with staked allocation of at least 20.900 USD worth of $ONE tokens!

How to Get Started

To get started, go on, sign up with an account, and configure & connect your wallet. Then, users are free to explore what’s given to them.

By clicking on “Get a role Now,” users can introduce themselves and display their skills. Then, they can be assigned tasks from our team depending on the user:

We also have a Global Ranking system based on value that users have added, as well as several other factors such as engagement, following, validation and more. The ranking shows the most influential users, which correlates with the highest voting power in the system. The more a user contributes, the more voting power and rewards they’ll receive. You can also earn ONE points by contributing, which refers to ONE tokens.

There are so many ways to get ONE Points; and it’s easy! To start off, users can get 50 ONE Points just from following our Twitter page and Telegram group. Users can also be rewarded points for every friend invited to join the platform.

FAQ about the Harmony DAO Maker:

1. What do you need to do to start earning?

  • You need to hold at least 100 USD worth of ONE tokens in your bep2 wallet.
  • You need to register into the platform (1 min of your time)
  • Submit your activities, rate other people, discuss, tweet and enjoy!

2. What to submit and what not to submit.

  • Submit stuff that can give real value to the Harmony.
  • Don’t submit memes/gifs one by one if you are making a meme make sure to submit more gifs in one post since a single meme picture or gifs have a bigger chance to be downvoted. Why? it took like 1–5 min to make you one gif and spamming community board is harming for Harmony we need the best stuff. On top of this isn’t more beneficial for you to have 1 activity in the 3 than 5 average or below average.
  • Don’t spam tweet. If you are only tweeting for the sake of making 2 tweets per day limit stop it you will get more negative points than positive. Also tagging various cryptos under the tweet that are not related to it is considered as spamming for most users.
  • Think of it this way the biggest power comes from users with biggest holdings they want to see the true value stuff and they will upvote you to the sky.
  • Infographics, Videos, Articles, tech stuff this is where you can gain a lot of points or of course quality stickers or more memes in one post I am talking about 5–8 memes. Not spamming it daily, but just from to time.

3. What is the algorithm? How many tokens will I receive? Based on what?

A) How much tokens you hold and for how long.

B) Are you dumping your tokens or buying more.

C) How many points did you make

D) Your engagement in the other people’s activities and actually if people with big influence usually big holders and team members are giving you upvotes.

E) Based on reputation.

F) Activity on social media

4. Where to join?


Our open infrastructure is a revolutionary high-throughput, low-latency, and low-fee consensus platform designed to power decentralized economies of the future. The best thing about this is anybody holding ONE tokens can contribute to this project and be rewarded. Don’t wait to get started!

To learn more about Harmony’s latest developments visit: