Hello Harmony Community!

At Harmony we have set out to build a high-throughput, low-latency and low-fee consensus platform to power a global-scale marketplace for digital assets and services. We believe that this open infrastructure is the key to creating a decentralized economy that will bring great benefit to the world.

Our vision is ambitious, but we can get there by productionizing proven research techniques in networking, consensus algorithms, and systems engineering. In the past two months, we built a prototype sharded consensus protocol and we’re excited to share our preliminary results with you!

Initial Results

Our current prototype forms shards, broadcasts incoming transactions, and establishes consensus with Byzantine fault tolerance. We run the protocol on 10,000 low-cost AWS instances spread across 8 cloud regions and 3 continents in order to introduce true network latency. 30% of transactions are cross-shard and each shard contains 400 nodes. This guarantees strong security even if 25% of nodes are malicious. All machines have 1 CPU, 1 GB of RAM and approximately 70MB/s symmetric bandwidth.

Our testnet of 10,000 nodes and 25 shards achieved 10,184 transactions per second!

This demonstrates that our architecture delivers high performance in a real-world scenario. This is only a sign of what is to come as we expect throughputs to far exceed 10k tx/sec in future tests with more nodes.

The primary purpose of this test is to demonstrate Harmony’s scalability. Therefore, we have yet to implement an identity chain for sybil resistance or network-wide consensus and epoch transitions to assign validators to shards. Our complete sharded consensus protocol will come.

We will follow up on this initial result with continued testing of our performance against key network parameters. We believe that developing a comprehensive benchmarking methodology will result in a more robust consensus infrastructure for our community, and will translate into real scalability on launch. Soon we will open source our code base, backtest with historical Bitcoin data, and get the community to replicate our open benchmark.

Keep In Touch

We’ve been flattered by all the interest we’ve received so far. For those of you first learning about Harmony, take a look at our whitepaper and our founding story. We will keep you updated on our progress through our social media below.

If you are an exceptional engineer interested building a decentralized future, we are hiring! Join us on our journey to build a global-scale consensus platform!

!!! A quick note regarding our social media. Scammers are creating FAKE websites, telegram channels and impersonating members of the team. They are typically asking for investment or KYC details. WE ARE NOT TAKING INVESTMENT FOR PRIVATE OR PUBLIC SALES. Please be careful and look out for others to keep our community safe. !!!

Our official website and social media accounts are below: