We will be #buidling at ETHDenver and ColoradoJam this year and we are super excited about it. Unlike the other years where the hackathon was in real life, this year it’s virtual, but the ETHDenver team is trying something new, so it’ll feel like you’re there in real life.

The Details

Harmony is sponsoring 5 bounties, each worth $2,000 in ONE tokens. The challenge? We’re keeping it simple:

Build an app on Harmony, use the Ethereum to Harmony Bridge, and use at least ONE other sponsor’s protocol.

With over 40 other sponsors, we want to see Harmony used alongside others, be part of the stack, and partake in composability. We’re excited to see what the developers come up with.

We’re also speaking and leading a few technical workshops. Below is the speaker, schedule, and topic. Be sure to sign up:

February 7
12:30PM Mountain Standard Time
Technical Workshop: Ganesha Upadhyaya
Topic Title: Cross-Chain Applications on Ethereum and Harmony

Abstract: How to scale Ethereum applications in 2021? Harmony supports state sharding, instant finality and delegated staking. Our mainnet supports Etherum tooling and a trustless bridge for ERC20/ERC721 asset transfers. This workshop covers migrating Solidity contracts to Harmony with minimal changes, using Metamask and Ether.js with our network endpoints, and building cross-chain applications with our bridge. A cross-chain Uniswap fork is already live on our mainnet.

February 9
10:25AM Mountain Standard Time
Speaker: Stephen Tse
Topic: Scaling Ethereum Applications on Harmony

Abstract: Harmony is a sharding protocol with a trustless Ethereum bridge. Our developers use Ethereum tooling such as Solidity and Ether.js. Users use Metamask to store and they use our bridge to swap Harmony and Ethereum assets. We achieve 2-second finality for fast transactions and support 1000 delegating stakers for secure shards. A cross-chain Uniswap fork is already live on our mainnet. Similar to layer 2 protocols, Harmony is now fully interoperable with the Ethereum ecosystem.

Come join the fun. See you there.

PS: Also, I almost forgot. If you live in the United States, are building on Harmony and working on our bounty, ping me on Discord. We want you to focus on building so we want to send DoorDash to you so you don’t have to worry about food.

Developers can build on Harmony today, a fast and open blockchain for decentralized applications, suited to handle DeFi, cross-chain, and cross-border finance. Harmony Mainnet supports state sharding with instant finality. Our staking mechanism reduces centralization while supporting delegation and slashing.

We ❤️ Developers.

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