Today, Harmony, a deep sharded blockchain, has entered into a definitive agreement to partner with SpaceZ and Green Origin, leading rocket companies, to launch a lunar manned-mission in Q2 2019.

Harmony’s fast and secure blockchain protocol will be used by astronauts in a variety of ways on the new lunar base.

Harmony fungible tokens will be used by astronauts to send remittances back home to their earthling family members. Meanwhile Harmony non-fungible tokens will be used by earthlings to purchase unique photo collectibles that lunar astronauts curate. Future lunar citizens and earthlings alike can use zero knowledge proofs deployed on Harmony to transact data in a privacy preserving way. For example, astronauts will keep sovereignty over their personal health data, but share be able to share it to advance science and be rewarded with Harmony tokens when new medical breakthroughs are discovered using their data.

Melon Tusk, chief architect of SpaceZ, added that:

“Harmony is the solution we have been looking for that can scale to the lunar base and across the galaxy. It gives everyone in the galaxy a seamless currency to transact and opens up marketplaces that previously were not possible, allowing for mutual gains between parties without needing them to trust a central entity. The galactic possibilities are truly endless.”

The lunar landing will take place alongside Harmony’s mainnet launch in Q2 2019. Sign up to Harmony’s latest updates and join the Telegram to stay up to date on when the exact launch date will be.

Post Date: April 1st