“Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo…
By AppleThink Different: “Here’s to the crazy ones.”

(Here’s to the “Radical Ones”… for radical social change.)

Introducing Harmony Angels 😇 — our Radically Decentralized Community 👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 with 250k ONE rewards per week autonomously.

How? Openly associate yourself with Harmony on Twitter, retweet our #pow project progress with craft, meaning and impact.

Influence or change can never be achieved through one-off engagements. We will reward the committed #ones with radical incentives.



  • 💬 reply, 🗣️ comment, 🔁 retweet or 💙 like @stse #pow tweets (proof-of-work on project progress) posted every friday
  • our automated “social contract” rewards ONE tokens weekly
  • the number of retweets by your followers determines your reward amount (see “Harmony Values” below for terms & conditions)
  • the top angels are granted with vanity url like harmony.one/cz_binance

Rules (subject to change)

  • humans 👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 only — bots 🤖 need not apply; spammers will be banned
  • you must have 100+ followers with real engagement (at team’s discretion)
  • the total reward is 250k ONE tokens per week; max 25k per person
@stse designated as Harmony Angel 😇 with vanity url harmony.one/stse

Permissionless but strong commitment for #RadicalOnes! We endorse our angels with vanity URLs: clicking the website link on twitter.com/stse goes to harmony.one site, showing the embedded twitter profile. We are adding the transaction counts and the total balance of rewards to the widget.

Our “social contract” rewards quadratic incentives for your followers’ engagement, similar to Ethereum’s quadratic funding.

Here’s the math behind the rewards calculation (subject to change in coming weeks): We count your followers’ retweets 🔁 of your reply 💬 to @stse #pow tweets . We square that number and multiply it by 10. The max reward per account is 25k tokens. You can also retweet with comments 🗣️ (also called quote tweets) instead of replying to the #pow thread. (Your likes 💙 or your retweets without comments 🔁 are great for engagement but they are not counted for rewards here.)

For example, we would reward 10 * 4²² = 17,640 tokens for @cz_binance’s retweet with 42 retweets from his followers. At 50+ retweets, we reward the maximum 25,000 tokens.

harmony.one/cz_binance retweeted our weekly #pow progress

Harmony Values: our angels 😇 must pledge to build a decentralized community with meanings and trust. We use Twitter analytics and human discretion to judge your impacts. We ban bots and spammers. Create meme videos for our protocol features or ecosystem partners? Share your experience of our demo dApps like soccerplayers NFT ⚽ or harmonauts NFT 👩‍🚀️ or goodone crowding funding 🙏? There are more at harmony.one/demos.

For now, weekly campaigns end on Sunday 10am PST and rewards are distributed before Tuesday by 6pm PST.

The total campaign budget is 250k tokens per week — first come (as determined by the timestamp of your reply), first served.

Join t.me/harmony_one or harmony.one/discord (#angels channel) oremail angels@harmony.one for any questions. See restrictions and terms below.

Read the deck or watch the video of our founder Stephen Tse’s 2020 June talk “Scaling Privacy, Secure Staking, Radical Fairness”. It covers our 2-year journey into the project, our protocol features, platform strengths and roadmap.

Help us develop improvements with our $7M grants!

Founder & Pangea Community introduce Harmony Angels 😇 & #RadicalOnes

Join t.me/harmony_one or harmony.one/discord (#angels channel) oremail angels@harmony.one for any questions. See restrictions and terms below.

Show the world your best videos? Fun meme?

Stephen Tse
Harmony CEO

Nationals and residents of the following countries are restricted from participation: Afghanistan, Cuba, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guinea-Bissau, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Myanmar, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Zimbabwe, and the Crimea region of Ukraine.

Disclaimer: The reward program is operated by Pangaea Community around the globe and Hemenglian Technology outside the United States.