We are delighted to announce the first official Beast Quest NFT chest sale on Harmony! We’ve teamed up with Animoca Brands and its mobile game Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes to offer limited edition Beast Quest collectible cards with potential for additional staking rewards, powered by the Harmony blockchain.


  • The Beast Quest Chest Sale starts Friday, 15 January at 10am Pacific time and ends 29 January 2021 at https://harmony.one/beastquest
  • Players can buy and collect official Beast Quest NFT collectibles to earn ONE staking reward
  • Each chest is priced at 250 ONE and contains 2,400 gems, 730 VIP points, and a random Beast Quest NFT collectible (the gems and VIP points can be used in the mobile game Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes)
  • Collect a set of Beast Quest NFTs to be eligible to earn additional staking rewards by delegating a minimum of 50,000 ONE to Animoca Brands’ Harmony validator. 80% of the proceeds from the Beast Quest Chest Sale will be redistributed to the community via these additional staking rewards.
  • An NFT marketplace will be launching soon on Harmony to create a frictionless trading experience.

NFTs and DeFi Collide

Both DeFi and NFT ecosystems have grown dramatically in 2020. Of particular interest are a new batch of experimental projects that combine aspects of DeFi and NFTs together to create entirely new forms of incentives, communities and user experiences.

MEME created the concept of yield farming for NFTs, Aavegotchi created a gamified layer on top of Aave’s underlying lending protocol, and Rarible has added a governance token to incentivize and decentralize their growing NFT marketplace. We believe that the experimentation at the intersection of NFTs, gaming and DeFi is just starting and we’re excited to give it a try with this limited edition chest sale.

The First Staking NFTs

In this sale, collectors that complete a set of Beast Quest NFTs are eligible to claim a reward by delegating ONE token to Animoca Brands’ Harmony validator. The NFTs are both collectibles as well as a bearer asset potentially entitling the holder to a special additional staking reward. This simultaneously gamifies collecting and staking, with the hope of converting collectors into stakers and stakers into collectors.

By adding a staking incentive to the collecting process, collectors will be drawn to learn about staking and stake tokens to claim their reward. On the other hand, current Harmony stakers will be drawn to start collecting as a way to boost their staking returns.

Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes game will gain new users, Harmony will enable a seamless NFT experience and Animoca Brands will gain new delegators. The goal is to use new incentives to combine the worlds of gaming, collecting, and staking for a win-win-win outcome on all sides.

Yat Siu, the chairman and co-founder of Animoca Brands, commented: “It is a privilege to collaborate with a company of deep vision and potential like Harmony and with a renowned brand like Beast Quest as we continue to innovate novel and different use-cases for NFTs.”

Stephen Tse, the Founder and CEO of Harmony, shared, “Animoca Brands is an industry leader in branded assets on blockchain. Harmony is excited to be a cross-chain platform for collectibles and gaming.”

What Are the Details?

Here are the details of the sale and how to participate.

Each chest costs 250 ONE, and contains 2,400 gems and 730 VIP points for use in the Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes mobile game, as well as 1 Beast Quest NFT collectible card of random rarity: common, rare, epic or legendary. A set is completed when a player collects any one of the following combinations: 20 common cards, 10 rare cards, 5 epic cards or 1 legendary card.

If a player completes a set, they are eligible to claim a reward by delegating a minimum of 50,000 ONE tokens to Animoca Brands’ validator on the Harmony network by 29 January 2021 for a period of 90 days. The staking reward is paid out proportionally at the end of the 3-month period. You only need to maintain the minimum stake and NFT set to collect your reward.

The Beast Quest Chest Sale starts 15 January 2021 at 10 am (PST) and ends 29 January 2021 at 10 am (PST) at https://harmony.one/beastquest.

Buy now!

Ready to jump in and start collecting? Head over to the sale website and follow the instructions there. For current Harmony users, you can use your ONE wallet to purchase chests, the sale also supports Magic wallet for seamless email-based and mobile native experience. Make sure you top up your wallet with ONE tokens in order to make your purchase.

Share, Celebrate and Win More Chests

Once you’ve completed your purchase, you are eligible to participate in the Twitter competition to win free additional chests! Simply click on the Twitter button that pops up after you’ve purchased a chest.

Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes

Co-developed by Coolabi Group and Animoca Brands, Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes is a 3D tower defense mobile game with collectible card elements, the tactics of resource management, and RPG hero and equipment systems. All characters, magics, wizards, and beasts in the game are drawn from the original best-selling children’s fantasy series Beast Quest by Adam Blade.

Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes can be downloaded on the App Store and Google Play, or using this QR code on your mobile.

Please note that these Beast Quest NFTs are standalone collectibles and not in-game items in Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes.

1. What counts as a complete set?

A complete set is any one of the following combinations: 20 common cards; 10 rare cards; 5 epic cards; 1 legendary card. Only cards within a certain rarity count together towards a set. For example, if you have 12 common cards, 5 rare cards, 3 epic cards and 1 legendary card, you have only 1 set made up of the legendary card and no sets from the rest.

2. How does the Twitter competition work?

To be eligible for the Twitter reward you must:

1. Purchase at least 1 chest.

2. Share a tweet about your purchase including all of the following tags and url: @harmonyprotocol, @animocabrands, #HarmonyNFTs and https://harmony.one/beastquest.

Please note that only 1 tweet will be counted per purchase.

3. I have collected a set, now what do I do?

Congratulations on completing a set! You can now delegate 50,000 or more ONE tokens to Animoca Brand’s Harmony validator to earn an additional staking reward. Your reward will be paid out to you as you continue to stake over 90 days.

You will need to use the Harmony ONE wallet browser extension in order to delegate your ONE tokens.

4. How do I set up my wallet to make a purchase?

You will need a crypto wallet in order to purchase a chest. You can download the Harmony One Wallet from the chrome web store or use Magic wallet, which only requires an email address to create and can be used on mobile.

5. How do I get ONE tokens to make a purchase?

In order to fund your wallet with ONE tokens you will have to acquire them through an exchange. Please see the following link for a list of exchanges on which you can purchase ONE tokens. https://docs.harmony.one/home/partners/ecosystem#exchanges

6. Who do I contact for support?

For support, please join the Beast Quest telegram channel https://t.me/HarmonyBeastQuestAnimocaBrands

7. How to claim the Gems and VIP points of Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes?

To claim the Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes Gems and VIP points, simply submit your Beast Quest user ID on the ‘Inventory’ page on the website.

8. Can I use Ledger nano S to purchase chests?

Currently not available, the team is working to support it.

Note: Harmony validators avoid using your validator ONE address to purchase chests/NFTs.

9. What is the contract address on Harmony mainnet:


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